Introducing Intermittent Fasting | ‘Gluten Free Weigh In Podcast’

Fast Feast Repeat Fast Start Gin Stephens origEpisode #1 – Introducing co-host Melissa to ‘Gluten Free Weigh In!’ Melissa describes herself as someone who has always been on a diet and is now committed to eating gluten free since her diagnosis with eosinophilic esophagitis. She seems to have found a way of life that really works for her. Intermittent fasting has allowed Melissa to “change WHEN to eat, so she doesn’t have to change WHAT she eats.”*

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  • About Melissa: I’ve been over 200 pounds since I was 19, approaching 300 by my late 40s. Dieted so many times I’d lost over 1000 pounds in my life, because I always regained + more when the calorie restriction failed.
  • Recommitted to fasting in October 2022 and have been doing ‘Alternate Daily Fasting’ since March 2023 with good success! Many ‘Non-Scale Victories’ and hopefully many more to come!
  • Age 51 Height 5’6” (well maybe 5’5.75”!)
  • Start weight 295 (give or take 5 pounds)
  • Current Weight W 167
  • Goal Weight to be determined.
  • Down from size 4X to size 10
  • Melissa says she is happy when fasting! 

* About Intermittent Fasting by Gin Stephens (“Come for the weight loss, stick around for the health benefits!”)

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About Gluten Free Weigh In

  • Eating gluten free and trying to lose weight or just managing weight is a challenge. Sue Jennett and her co-hosts are all on different weight loss/management journeys with one thing in common – they are all committed to a gluten-free diet.
  • Each week Sue checks in with her co-hosts about their individual journeys. Hopefully their successes and stumbles resonate with you, entertain you, provide you with ideas and and give you strength to continue on your own gluten-free journey to control your weight on a not-so-easy diet.
  • Listen to the Introductory Trailer here.

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  • Moderator – Sue Jennett wants to be accountable for her weight loss plan that includes past weight loss surgery and a strong desire to stay healthy as she gets older. Listen to Sue’s journey here.

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Diagnosed with celiac disease more than 20 years ago, Sue has operated a gluten-free bakery and hosted a gluten-free TV show. She currently hosts ‘A Canadian Celiac Podcast’ where she explores information, research, lifestyle issues and personal stories of individuals who have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Four years ago Sue had weight loss surgery, lost a lot of weight and gained back a little. She works hard every day to keep her weight under control.