Kuku’s Take Out & Delivery

Kuku's Store Front igYou may know Kuku’s as the longest running East Indian restaurant in Victoria, but have you explored whether they can cater to gluten-free diners?

The answer is Yes! No! Yes!

  • 24 Burnside Road West (next to the 7-Eleven at Harriet)
  • Lunch and dinner Mon-Thurs-Sun Noon to 9pm. Fri & Sat Noon to late.
  • Take out, delivery and minimal dine-in seating
  • 778-430-5858
  • kukusrestaurant.com

Offering a huge menu and catering services that can accommodate up to 1000 guests, Kuku’s knows how to cater to meat-lovers, vegetarians and gluten-free diners alike, with provisos.

Like most East Indian restaurants, their operation is predominantly gluten-free, with the except of wheat samosas and of course, their bread basket.

Because wheat samosas are cooked in the same fryer as ALL of the vegetarian deep-fried items, ALL items would be contaminated with gluten.


Deep-fried meat items, coated in chickpea flour, are cooked in a SEPARATE fryer, NOT used to cook gluten items. These items would not be cross-contaminated

How to Read Kuku’s Hard-Copy Menu (scroll down)

Kuku’s uses small symbols to identify ‘gluten free’ and ‘vegetarian’ items on their menu.

YES! Items that are marked ‘gluten-free’ – NOT DEEP-FRIED – ARE GLUTEN FREE
NO! Vegetarian items that are marked ‘gluten-free’ – ARE DEEP-FRIED IN A SHARED FRYER – NOT GLUTEN FREE
YES! Meat items that are marked ‘gluten-free’ – ARE DEEP-FRIED IN A DEDICATED FRYER – ARE GLUTEN FREE

  • TEST QUESTION: Would an order of fish and chips be gluten free? 

NOTE: Kuku’s Online Menu does NOT offer ‘gluten-free’ and vegetarian markers, so proceed with caution. See menu.

ALWAYS inform the very aware servers at Kuku’s about your needs and they will guide you through the process.

Take some time to get to know this hidden gem and perhaps spice up your gluten-free restaurant repertoire.

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