Lifestyle Markets in Victoria Hit by Gluten-Free Tsunami

The sheer volume of celiac-friendly products that Lifestyle Markets carries has taken over the entire store!

 Lifestyle Markets Gluten-Free Shelf Tags

Now EVERY AISLE is ‘safe for celiacs,’ thanks to their ‘Wee Gluten-Free’ labels. Look for the orange shelf tags that shout out EACH and EVERY gluten-free item throughout the store! Same goes for Lifestyle Markets’ sister store on Cook Street and Lifestyle Select in Sidney!

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For more than 20 years, Lifestyle Markets on Douglas Street in Victoria, BC was known as the ‘first-stop-one-shop’ for anyone new to the diet or new to town. Lifestyle Markets offers the most comprehensive selection of gluten-free flours and baking ingredients in British Columbia.

Gluten-Free Sales!
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Gluten-Free Vitamins and Supplements

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Lifestyle Markets Tastings
Wish you could try before you buy pricey gluten-free food? Here’s your chance! Join Ellen Bayens of The Celiac Scene for a fun and informative taste extravaganzas on the second and fourth Saturday of the month, at Lifestyle Markets on Douglas Street between 12 and 2 pm.