Natural [Gluten-Free] Food Medicines Keep You Healthy and the Planet Safe

Afke Zonderland, Chef and Founder, Okanagan Rawsome

Afke Zonderland, Chef and Founder, Okanagan Rawsome

Adding natural food medicines to your life can keep your body healthy and in balance and make our planet  a better place to live.” Afke Zonderland, Okanagan Rawsome

“Did you know that 80 % off all antibiotics sold in North America end up on the farms that raise animals destined for human consumption? Fortunately, Health Canada has restricted the use of antibiotics in our meat, poultry and pig farms. That is great news and worthy of much applause.”


animal antibiotic resistance“However, in Kelly Krowe’s investigative report Superbugs in the Supermarket, she revealed that nothing has really changed. Infusing chicken, beef and pig feed with “preventative medicine” continued on in its merry old way.”

“That’s because it’s estimated that most of the antibiotics in feed are intended for disease prevention. And that use will still be permitted,” said Krowe.

“The WHO warns, “unless antibiotic use is severely curtailed in humans and animals the world is heading for a future where routine infections are deadly. Antibiotic resistance threatens us all,’ says Zonderland.

“The question that bears asking is: “How much is safe, how much second hand medicine is eliminated by our filtration systems or at the very least neutralized before it hits our biodome?” Oh I forgot, our filters, liver, kidney and spleen are at the end of the digestive tract.

organic produceThe second practical question leads us to: “Which foods contain antibacterial properties that do not create antimicrobial herd resistance?” Do we want to rely on Chinese and Indian Pharmaceutical Giants that pollute rivers and oceans and have questionable manufacturing practices(1)? Or can we stock our kitchen and medicine cabinet with these safe alternatives:

• Garlic
• Honey. (Unpasteurized) New Zealand’s Manuka honey reigns supreme.
• Cabbage
• Grapefruit Seed Extract. Used in organic farming practices and effective against more than 800 forms of viruses and bacteria, more than a hundred strains of fungus, and many parasites.
• Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
• Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, packed with antioxidants you can’t find anywhere else in nature.
• Echinacea
• Fermented Foods
• Colloidal Silver
• Oil of Oregano and Other Herbs and essential oils

You are designed to heal yourself in most cases. By adding these natural food medicines to your life, you can actively work to keep your body healthy and in balance and our planet a better place to live.

gluten free carrot soupCoconut Carrot Soup

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
½ onion
1 lb Carrots, chopped
3 Cloves Garlic
2 Tsp Turmeric
2 Tbsp Ginger
3 Cups Vegetable Broth
1 Cup Coconut Milk
Salt and pepper

Place all ingredients in a large pot and simmer until the carrots are tender. Cool slightly before blending this creamy soup in all its awesomeness.

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