Is Pfizer’s COVID19 Vaccine Safe for Celiacs?

Celiac Safe Covid Vaccination wpIt’s finally here but is Pfizer’s COVID19 vaccine something that celiacs can safely embrace?

Dr. Scott Cameron, MD, Ph.D, FRCPC,
Pediatric Allergist and Clinical Immunologist suggests,

“The counselling in the UK, about patients with ‘allergies’ avoiding this vaccine is overly cautious, which is appropriate, while they get more details about the reported reactions.”

“There are no food proteins of any kind in this vaccine.”

See Pfizer’s REG 174 INFORMATION FOR UK RECIPIENTS below or click here to download.

“There are no contraindications at this time for celiac patients for this vaccine.”Celiac Safe Covid Vaccination 1Celiac Safe Covid Vaccination 2Celiac Safe Covid Vaccination 3Celiac Safe Covid Vaccination 4