Understanding M&M’s 3-Tier Gluten-Free Policy

M&M Gluten-Free Products wpM&M Food Market offers three ‘gluten-free’ product lines 1

(1) naturally do not have gluten, such as single ingredient meats and vegetables;

(2) multi-ingredient products that do not contain gluten; and

(3) gluten-free certified products.

“All our vendors have allergen control programs to manage the allergens in the plant, from receiving of raw materials to shipping. This will control cross contamination of allergens but does not constitute a guarantee.

As a result, we need to be mindful of the differences between various products when helping those customers that are looking for/asking about Gluten Free options:

“For products falling into category (1) and (2) above, we cannot guarantee that these products are gluten-free. These are not tested / certified for gluten content.”

For products falling into category (3), we have partnered with the Canadian Celiac Association and their Gluten-Free Certification Program, the only voluntary Canadian verification program designed for manufacturers. This allows us to use the Trusted Mark of the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) and differentiates these products from non-certified claims. As a result, for these products we can guarantee that they meet the standards for Gluten Free certification.”

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1 https://www.mmfoodmarket.com/en/gluten-free#policy