My Gluten Facts Publishes Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List – Canadian Version Coming Soon

My Gluten Free Facts has done it again!
Created a definitive list of gluten-free Halloween candy
so that you and your goblins can enjoy the season with confidence.

We have literally read the label on every product listed on the USA list in stores located in the USA. We have also read the labels of every product listed on the Canada list from stores in Canada,” Denis Robinson, co-founder, My Gluten Facts.

2015 Gluten free halloween candy united states

Click on image for American Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List

Tantalize your tastebuds with the Halloween Candy List for the United States, just posted.  The Canadian will be posted in short order!

My Gluten Facts have perfected the search filter they introduced in their 2014 list, allowing you to sort (soon enough) by Country, Brands, the Ingredient(s) you’re avoiding  and/or specific key words.

Within each product name and size, you’ll be privy to manufacturers’ Halloween and Allergen Statement  statement and from there, you will be empowered with the information you need to make for a safe, fun Halloween!

Note from Denis, “The gluten-free list that Hershey’s posts online is NOT all-inclusive (ie – it only lists some of their products that don’t contain gluten but have been ‘okayed’ to be branded as gluten-free due to testing).

Combine this with their clear position in using the ingredients label as well as the allergen statement to detect any gluten in a product or any risk of contamination from gluten.

What this gives you is a product that is ‘naturally gf’ and not at risk in their eyes  of any gluten contamination.

We have read these labels for you and applied the proper science to save you time, and we’ve broken down mixed packages to list as much of the candy people may bring home or have been offered.”

A huge thank you to My Gluten Free Facts for all of their hard work and for making these lists freely available to the gluten-free and allergic communities!

Check in again for updates to the American list and stay tuned for the Canadian version coming soon!!


Gluten Free Halloween Candy List


Gluten Free Halloween Candy List 3

Gluten Free Halloween Candy List 2