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Grey Fox Brewing’s Gluten-Free “Quick Witted” repeats the gold it took home in 2023! B.C. brewery Grey Fox Brewing has once again swept a gluten-free category. This time at this year’s Canadian Brewing Awards with three of its craft beers. The Kelowna-based brewery won:

• Gold for “Quick Witted”
• Silver for “Prolific Pale”
• Bronze for “Humble Lager” | Beer Selection | Order OnlineFacebook | Instagram

Chris Neufeld, owner and brewmaster at Grey Fox, says winning the gold, silver, and bronze in the gluten-free category is immensely rewarding.

“I’m celiac and can’t drink traditional beer without getting very sick,” says Neufeld. “I wanted to make beers that have all the characteristics of those made with barley and wheat, but using ingredients that won’t make people like me ill. It’s rewarding to know that Grey Fox beers are not only safe for people who can’t have gluten, but also tasty enough to stand up against the best brews in Canada.”

The awards were held on May 25 in conjunction with the Canadian Brewers Conference in Hamilton, Ontario. They awarded 61 beer styles in 4 categories. Neufeld says he regularly hears from people who are celiac and grateful for a beer option that’s safe for them.

This is the third gold medal awarded to the brewery’s Belgian-style Witbier “Quick Witted”.

Grey Fox won gold at the 2023 Canadian Brewing Awards for “Quick Witted” and swept the gluten-free category at the Canada Beer Cup in Niagara Falls with another “Quick Witted” gold, silver for “Humble Lager”, and bronze for their “Buckwild Stout”.

To create the Belgian-style Witbier, which is generally made with wheat, Neufeld softened the usual base malt of millet and rice with quinoa and added buckwheat to boost flavour. Traditional flavourings of orange peel and coriander were also used.

The dedicated gluten-free brewery’s beers are on tap in a growing number of bars and restaurants in B.C. and can be found in private and government liquor stores throughout B.C. and Alberta.

Map of locations where you can find Grey Fox beers.

Grey Fox celebrated its first anniversary of operations in December of 2023. The brewery is located 105-310 Hiram Walker Court, where you can enjoy tastings , beer on tap and purchase beer in cans to take home.

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About Grey Fox Brewing

Crafted from carefully sourced ingredients and brewed in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Kelowna, BC, Grey Fox Brewing aims to challenge the perception of gluten-free beer through uncompromised craftsmanship and modern brewing techniques. Located at 310 Hiram Walker Court #105 in Kelowna for tastings, beer on tap and cans for purchase.

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