Celiac Disease: Oral & Dental Manifestations

A panel of Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Volunteers were invited to give a presentation on the topic of, Celiac Disease: Oral and Dental Manifestations to the Victoria Regional Dental Hygienists Annual Conference.

Victoria Regional Dental Hygienists Presentation

Approximately 70 hygienists from Victoria and across Vancouver Island attended the three hour presentation on January 21st, 2017, part of a day-long Continuing Education Event.

Ellen Bayens of The Celiac Scene introduced the session with the powerpoint presentation, Celiac Disease: Oral and Dental Manifestations, created in a collaboration with the Education Committee, Calgary Chapter, Canadian Celiac Association, Dr. Rasmussen, ND, B.Ed., B.A and† Dr. Trey L. Petty DDS, FADI FAGD in 2016. Please refer to the citations and notes below.

Anne Wraggett, President, Board of Directors, Canadian Celiac Association, proceed to speak to the value of the CCA for both those newly diagnosed or newly gluten-free, as well as those who are long-time diagnosed and gluten-free.  She went on to explain how the CCA acts as a national voice for people who are adversely affected by gluten, and is dedicated to improving diagnosis and quality of life. Among many other roles, the CCA works closely with Health Canada in regard to food labeling and with the support of the CCA’s Professional Advisory,  creates the many resources that our community, and the medical health-care providers rely upon. Listening to Anne speak about the many initiatives that the CCA has spearheaded in the past and present, one feels a debt of gratitude to generations of volunteers who have worked to support celiacs since the organization was established 40 years ago.

Kathleen Shoemaker, Past-President, Victoria Chapter, Canadian Celiac Association spoke her ‘journey to diagnosis,’ decades in the making. It is a story that is all too common in our community with <5% of celiacs  receiving a proper diagnosis in their lifetimes. It was safe to say that those in attendance gained a new appreciation of the consequences of a delayed diagnosis and that for celiacs, the gluten-free diet is not a fad. A round of applause was offered to Kathleen for her courage to share her experiences.

Elizabeth Johnson of Living Naturally Immune rounded up the morning’s presentation. As a celiac with additional food sensitivities, some of them anaphylactic, Elizabeth was able to share the care and attention that she and her hygienist must take to assure her well being. 

  • Elizabeth uses Green Beaver Toothpaste (gluten and allergy free) as well as unflavoured floss.  
  • At the dentist, Elizabeth requests that plain pumice be used instead of flavoured polish as well as unflavoured floss. She does not partake of fluoride treatments. 

Elizabeth personifies the next generation of celiacs, leading by example and inspiring and supporting others through social media. Relying upon her education as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and her determination to live a life that transcends food restrictions, Elizabeth  models how to thrive on a gluten-free, whole-food diet, that puts the focus on fun.  About Elizabeth • Instagram • Facebook • Twitter. 

Presentation Victoria Regional Dental Hygienists

Elizabeth Johnson, Living Naturally Immune • Kathleen Shoemaker, Past-President, Victoria Chapter, CCA, Anne Wraggett, President, Board of Directors, CCA • Krista North, Conference Co-Ordinator • Ellen Bayens, TheCeliacScene.com (L-R)

Special Mentions!

Thank you to Krista North, Conference Co-Organizer along with Leanne Adkin, Stephanie Ellis and Jodi Noble for providing us with the opportunity to speak to the disease and the diet.

Thank you to the hygienists who gave up what was the first sunny Saturday in quite some time to learn about a disease whose symptoms may be found among their patients. We appreciate the role that they play in caring for their celiac patients and monitoring others for symptoms of this compromising, auto-immune condition. 

Thank you to Benjamin’s Bites • The Market Stores • O’Dough’s Too Good to be Gluten-Free for their provision of delicious, gluten-free baking!

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Excerpted from The Calgary Celiac News, February 2017