Rock Cod Cafe in Cowichan Bay Hooks the Gluten Free for Life!

What do you get when a commercial fisherman owns a seafood restaurant? “Food that is fresh, makes you feel good and reminds you of home! The perfect place to warm your soul!”

Rock Cod Cafe saluted by Shaw TV and You Gotta Eat Here!

It’s not just the food that gives Rock Cod Cafe its great reputation. Owner Jacob Hökanson commits, “If the ocean is going to look after me, it’s my obligation to look after the ocean.” Rock Cod Cafe is a proud participant in both the Ocean Wise Vancouver Aquarium Conservation Program and the Marine Stewardship Council. Look for menu notations that indicate that the catch is local, from the Island area and sustainable.

Rock Cod Cafe also commits to taking care of gluten-free and celiac diners. “Our waitstaff are pleased to walk you through Rock Cod’s comprehensive celiac-friendly offerings to customize your order according to your sensitivities. When we prepare celiac-friendly meals, we use clean, separate pans, separate flippers, a separate cutting board and employ good hand-washing techniques to minimize the risk of cross contamination.  Your health and enjoyment are important to us so we caution our diners that our deep fryer is used to cook wheat item. Please choose accordingly.”

Rock Cod is determined to make all their offerings the best that they can be from fish, veggies, chicken and beef! Give them a try – you’ll be hooked for life!

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