Help Needed! Celiac Falls in Love with Tilly, the Golden Doodle!

Tilly Gluten Free DogSusanne is a highly sensitive celiac who does best with a grain-free diet, self-care products, cleaning products, etc. She knows this is a step further than most celiacs choose to go; it’s what she feels she needs to do to in order keep her symptoms in remission.

With the arrival of Tilly, sourcing gluten-free dog food has been a challenge. So far Susanne has been unable to find grain-free options that are produced and bagged in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

She has found treats like Crumps Dried Liver and open range, mono-ingredient bully sticks that should theoretically be ok, however there are no manufacturer assurances of  ‘gluten-free’ safety.

Even the ‘gluten-free’ brands listed on do not offer the commitment that Susanne is looking for.

Susanne is very curious to know what your dog eats.

If you have any suggestions, please enter them in the Facebook field below or email and I will forward them to her.

Susanne’s Back Story

Susanne was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago, and has only recently welcomed Tilly into her life! She is a ball of energy and playfulness and love! It has been quite an adventure to figure out how to manage ‘gluten risks’ with her! Susanne is very curious to hear how the other dog owners in our community manage the added complexities of dog ownership.

Susanne lives in an urban apartment, so Tilly wears Muttlucks’ Sloucher Booties to help reduce tracking stuff indoors. She washes the muck lucks, leash, harness and collar at least every week or two. Susanne is very happy to have found and confirmed that Beau Canine Shampoos and Conditioners are gluten free, and come in a fragrance free option.

Susanne would appreciate any other risk management tips pet owners have picked up along the way.

Many thanks,

Susanne & Tilly

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