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Gene test for celiac diseaseWhile my son Max waits to receive the results of his genetic test for celiac disease from GlutenPro (see Son of a Celiac – the Case for Genetic Testing) we thought we would share the information and instructions that arrive with the GENESURE® test kit.

GlutenPro is a Canadian company focused on discovering and providing new, effective and innovative solutions for people with Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free lifestyles.

From the GlutenPro Website: The average time frame for diagnosis of Celiac disease in Canada is 10 years. Because the symptoms can range from mild to severe and there is no definitive symptom (other than Dermatitis Herpetiformis), Celiac disease can often be overlooked. 


The following groups of individuals have an increased incidence of Celiac disease:

  • Approx. 1 in 10 relatives of Celiac patients will also have Celiac disease
  • Approx. 1 in 20 individuals with Type I diabetes will also have Celiac disease
  • Approximately 5-10% of individuals suffering from anemia will also have Celiac disease

The GENESURE® test uses a cheek swab sample to detect the presence or absence of genetic markers for celiac disease. An estimated 40% of the population has the genetics necessary for development of celiac disease. There are two important genetic markers; the HLA DQ2 (including alpha and beta subunits) and HLA DQ8 genes. As genetics never change, this one time test provides a clear lifetime genetic profile. A negative GENESURE®test will rule out celiac disease for life. A positive GENESURE® test indicates a predisposition to develop the disease and ongoing diagnostic testing should be considered (IgA tTG blood screen).

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Instructions genetic testing celiac disease

Genetic Testing celiac disease

Test for Celiac GeneticsStay tuned to learn whether the love affair between Son of a Celiac and his favourite Barley Sandwich will be cut short. The results may well drive him to drink!

UPDATE: The results are in!
Results of GENESURE® Cheek Swab Test for Celiac Disease Are In for ‘Son of a Celiac!’



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EZ GlutenEZ Gluten Test Strips: In the EZ Gluten® Test, a food sample is ground to a fine consistency, added to the gluten extraction solution, and then mixed. A few drops of the sample extract are placed into a test tube. The EZ Gluten® test strip is placed into the test tube and allowed to absorb the sample extract. After 10 minutes, the test strip can be read visually for the presence of gluten in the sample.

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