Pepper’s Foods Gluten-Free Flyer

Gluten-Free Sales – Tuesday, July 27th to Monday, August 2nd
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Masks mandatory for staff & customers.

New to Pepper’s Foods!

  • Kinnikinnick Angel Food Cake Mix! This is the only one of its kind so if you’ve been waiting for a gluten-free angel food cake mix, here’s your chance to try it out. It contains sugar and potato but it’s lab tested to ensure it does not contain gluten (obviously), nuts, dairy, soy or peanuts. All you need for exquisite and fluffy angel food cake is to add vanilla and eggs!
  • Everland Jumbo California Style Pistachios, you get 6g of protein, 3mg of iron and 2g of fibre per 28g serving. Pistachios are a member of the cashew family and are a healthy snack containing both healthy fats and antioxidants as well as vitamin B6 and thiamine. It’s true.

Our Faves are on Sale 

  • Good Thins Rice Crackers – $2.66
  • NoochPop Popcorn – $3.66

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Pepper's Foods Gluten-Free Flyer

Pepper’s Foods Flyer


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A bustling market at 3829 Cadboro Bay Road, steps away from the University of Victoria and one of the largest playgrounds in Victoria, shop at Pepper’s Foods for a picnic, a barbecue or the gluten-free foods you need to sustain you week in and week out! A long-time supporter of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Annual Picnic, Pepper’s Foods is the very ‘heart’ of Cadboro Bay!

• 10% Student discount EVERY day!
• 10% Senior’s discount Tuesdays and Wednesdays

“Any time a local vendor or distributor approaches us with a local product, we’re all ears and open to carrying their product.” Scott Zaichkowsky, Assistant Grocery Manager

Family Business Association of Vancouver IslandRegional Winner of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers of the 2020 Pepper's Foods Family Business Association of Vancouver Island has honoured Pepper’s Foods by presenting the 2020 Family Business Excellence Award, specifically the Regional Winner of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers of the Year in the (Small Surface Category.) They went on to win bronze for best store in Canada with a total surface area of 15000 square feet or less.

The awards recognize youth leadership and promote achievements of Vancouver Island family businesses and their contributions to their communities. Pepper’s Food Store, helmed by second-generation owner Cory Davits, was founded in 1962 and has grown to be a full-service grocer.

  • “Our goal is to maintain the small community-store feeling while providing all the services of the larger chain store,” said Davits.

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