Victoria Gluten-Free Foodies Dared to Dine at Sea Cider Farm

As one arrives at Sea Cider Farm near Victoria on Vancouver Island, it is easy to imagine you are somewhere in Europe amongst the apple blossoms. A steady stream of cyclists stopped in to refuel and later that evening, a wedding and reception would take place on the grounds.

Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies enjoyed a fabulous afternoon in this marvelous setting.  Cider staff were eager to greet us, our table was ready for us and our group was excited to enjoy curated apple ciders and the charcuterie pictured below.

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sea cider farm gluten freeSea Cider’s entire charcuterie menu is available gluten-free!

  • Dips and hummus are made on site, from simple ingredients
  • Sausage is sourced – and assured to be gluten-free – from Red Barn
  • Maple Cheddar – Village Cheese
  • Smoked Gouda – Village Cheese
  • Brie – Natural Pastures
    Pickles – Viniteau (Cornichons)
    Olives- Whyte’s Kalamata Olives
  • Gluten-free crackers from Mary’s, Breton or Glutino are substituted for regular crackers.
gluten free bread schar

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NOTE:  On this special occasion, Sea Cider served our group delicious gluten-free bread, crackers and buns provided by Schar Canada. Thank you!

The devil is always in the gluten-free details – Sea Cider attended to all of them, implementing their standard gluten-free protocol when preparing our orders – scrubbing and sanitizing charcuterie boards as well as the preparation and assembly area.

Charcuterie Options

Artisan Lunch Plate ($17)

  • Local cheeses, sausage, smoked salmon dip, preserves, bread, crackers, pickles and olives. Perfect for sharing!

Three Dip Snack ($12)

  • Hummus, smoked salmon dip and artichoke dip, served with olives, bread and crackers

Extras ($3 each)

  • Cheese, sausage, dip (hummus, artichoke or smoked salmon), bread or crackers

gluten free cider sampling

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Cider Sampling

Our very conscientious host,  Andrew went above and beyond to investigate and assure the gluten-free status of ciders on offer that afternoon:

  • Wild English
  • Flagship
  • Kings & Spies
  • Bittersweet
  • Pippens

Andrew went on to caution that some of the sweeter ciders are augmented with alcohol derived from wheat, should that be a concern.

Fortunately, the Canadian Celiac Association Position Statement on Distilled Alcohols assures us that ,“Rye whisky, scotch whisky, gin, and vodka are distilled from a mash of fermented grains. Rum is distilled from sugar cane. Brandy is distilled from wine and bourbon is distilled from a grain mash including corn. Since the distillation process does not allow proteins to enter the final product, distilled alcohols are gluten free.”

Cider Options

  • Short Flight – 3 samples of cider ($9)
  • Medium Flight – 5 samples of cider ($13)
  • Long Flight – 9 samples of cider to be shared between two people ($18)
  • To assure your very best cider sampling experience, please mention your dietary needs when you call to reserve at (250) 544-4824. Sea Cider makes every effort to accommodate additional sensitivities / preferences.

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