Seasoned Celiac Ups Her Menu Planning Game

gluten-free meal planning wpSeaneen, a super-fun, celiac gal from Calgary just posted this pic on Instagram and I was inspired to share it with all of you!

“It’s taken time but I’ve upped my menu planning game by coming up with six weeks worth of menus to rotate through.”

“No more agonizing every Sunday before doing the big grocery shop. I’m curious to see how I like this.”

“The system I’ve been using with the little book (menu on right, grocery list on left) is actually one I’ve been using since about 2013.”

“I’m on my third coil ring notebook for that system. Analog all the way for me when it comes to groceries!”

Have you got some menu or meal planning strategies that keep you out of the doldrums? Please share them in the field at the bottom of the page!