Victoria! Would You Love a 100% Gluten-Free Crepe Truck?

Gluten-Free Festival Survey WPSummer festival season has begun!  That means plenty of opportunities to try new food in fun al fresco settings, right? Not so for celiacs! That is what Royal Roads University Commerce student, Celeste Hilton suspects.

In fact, her curiosity has prompted her to develop a survey to research food options and dietary constraints (primarily focusing on celiac) at local events (market, music, arts, sports etc) for her final project.

Why the interest in the gluten-free diet?

With her celiac son (22) and brother as her impetus, Celeste is always looking out for food options on their behalf.  As celiacs in Victoria well know, there is but one gluten-free food truck that safely serves all of Vancouver Island – Taco Revolution!

  • “I am investigating the market in Victoria for something like a food truck that would specialize in GF crepes at public events.”

If you live in or travel to Victoria, BC, The Celiac Scene invites you to answer Celeste’s anonymous, 8 question survey.

If you have answered the survey and would like your name to be entered for a chance to win a $20 Gluten-Free Gift Certificate to Sante Gluten-Free Cafe, enter a comment on Facebook Friday, June 30th at 5pm
Gluten Free Crepe Truck