Tilly’s Galley Gourmet Meals! So Easy! So Gluten Free!

Ahead of their time, Tilly’s Galley has been serving All-Natural Gluten-Free, Easy-to-Prepare Gourmet Meals since 1989. Manufactured in beautiful Campbell River!

Ideal for busy families, professionals on the go, while camping or cottage getaways. Tilly’s products are shelf stable, hearty, flavourful, healthy, non-GMO and gluten-free!

Great for the gluten-free guest you want to serve – safely and deliciously. Learn more about Tilly’s Galley …

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While Quantities Last! 9-Day Supply Meal Mixes!

Tilly's 9 Meal Mixes

9-Day Supply Meal Mixes. Click on image for more info



Tilly's Galley Rice Mixes

Cajun Jambalaya Rice Mix

  • We love this mix. I add 1 med onion , chopped celery , 1 lb of browned ground beef, a can of drained black beans , 1 cup each frozen corn and peas to the recipe on the label. It is a favourite dinner and side dish.

Curry Rice Mix

  • This is one of my all-time favourites. The curry flavour is unique and very pleasant. I usually add some celery, onions, and chicken to the mix.

Fiesta Style Rice MixFiesta Style Rice Mix

  • I love the Fiesta Rice Mix. It’s great on its own as a side dish, but it really shines when I extend it by adding browned Mexican chorizo, corn, black beans, chopped cilantro, and if I’m feeling adventurous, some minced pickled jalapeños, to make a warming and delicious one pan weeknight meal. Perfect for a fall dinner. Thank you!!

Thai Fried Rice MixThai Fried Rice Mix

  • This is by far one of our favourite dishes for a week night dinner. Super easy to make and very tasty. You can cook the rice anytime ahead of dinner and then when you’re ready, dice up the chicken and tomatoes whip up a couple of eggs, fry it up in a pan then add the rice and you are on your way to “tasty-town”. Thanks Tilly’s! please don’t ever stop making this amazing mix!

SOUP MIXESTilly's Galley Soup Mixes

Fresh Catch Chowder MixFresh Catch Chowder Mix

  • Best soup recipe ever – I’ve been using it for years and it’s better than homemade!

Manhattan ChowderManhattan Style Chowder Mix

  • My friends and I  just loved it so much!

Moroccan Lentil & Rice Soup MixMoroccan Lentil & Rice Soup Mix

  • Cannot eat it fast enough! Healthy and Tasty!

Potato Leek Soup MixPotato Leek Soup Mix

  • The flavour of this soups is delicious!

West Coast Bouillabaisse Soup MixWest Coast Bouillabaisse Soup Mix

  • We have prepared this soup mix several times and it is always a winner!

SPICESTilly's Galley Spices

  • Blackening Spice BlendI love your Blackening Spice. It give a perfect flavor with just the right amount of kick every time. Excellent on chicken, shrimp, or fish or even lightly sprinkled it over roasted potatoes.
  • Galley Herb Spice BlendA West Coast classic, delicious as a herb butter or combine with mayonnaise and spread over a fish fillet. Try combining with softened butter and chicken breasts in a ziploc, leave to marinate, then bake and use the buttery herb drippings to drizzle over potatoes.
  • Moroccan Spice BlendAmazing on bean and rice and popcorn!!! About to buy a damn case after testing the one small baggie. Thank you!

14 Day Supply Meal Mixes

14-Day Supply Meal Mixes. Click on image for more info.

Campbell River! Imagine a coastal community, a busy harbor of prawn, crab, salmon and ocean going halibut boats. This is our home here on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, and the inspiration of Tilly’s Galley specialty foods. Through a love of fine food and the abundance of fresh seafood, our distinctive dishes emerged.

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