In the Hunt for ‘Gluten-Free’ Brunch?

 Fuego Gluten-Free Victoria 2
There’s nothing better than breakfast or brunch on a lazy or physically-active weekend. Ditto for the occasional indulgent weekday. Finding a restaurant that can offer truly gluten-free options in downtown Victoria, while satisfying the needs of  our ‘gluten’ friends and family can be a challenge. Not any more! Fuego Old Town Eatery is set to be Victoria’s new hotspot – for anyone and everyone who loves a great breakfast!

Fuego Gluten-Free VictoriaMore than any proffered ‘gluten-free’ menu – celiacs know that ingredient sourcing, cross-contamination prevention protocol and the sensitivity of staff with nervous diners form the foundation of a safe and enjoyable gluten-free experience.

It was in this tentative frame of mind that I popped into Fuego’s moments before 3pm closing last week. Rather than being turned away, I was treated to friendly smiles from Fuego servers, Elsie and Erick after another epic Saturday at this Inner Harbour destination. The ‘E-Team’ was only too eager to show me the menu they provide to diners who identify themselves as needing gluten-free options, highlighting how careful their chefs are in preparing our meals.

When I asked about the brand of chorizo they used and what assurances they had about it’s gluten-free status, Chef Armanda quickly finished up making her last order of the day, and took the time to speak with me.

Fuego Gluten-Free Victoria

Armanda readily provided me with the name, email address and business card of Fuego’s conscientious owner, Hilda Olberg. Don’t you wish more restaurants were this welcoming?

Within a matter of hours, Hilda followed up with me, providing me with images that confirmed the gluten-free label on the brand they use – the fabulous Freybe’s!  Talk about transparency – safety never fails to get a celiac’s juices flowing!

Fuego Gluten-Free Victoria

I encourage anyone living in – or planning to travel to – Victoria, BC to take in this humble but oh-so-good operation so that they can experience Fuego’s fabulous gluten-free service.

No reservations, space is limited. Arrive early and please be very, very nice to Fuego’s wonderful team! They’re gluten-free family!

Fuego’s Gluten-Free Menu – Printer-Friendly

Fuego Gluten-Free