Victoria! Introducing Gluten-Free Cakes by Asia!

Cakes by Asia FB

A wonderful celiac baker has hung up her gluten-free shingle in Victoria! Starting October 1st, call on Asia to whip up perfect, gorgeous gluten-free cakes or cupcakes for any occasion by order!

“I have been gluten free for well over 13 years and understand the need for safe (and tasty) treats. My husband does eat regular bread, crackers, and cereal. He preps his food in his own section of the kitchen, away from where I prep my own food and bake. I do not bake while he is making his own food and I always clean my area again as a precaution. All of my baking ingredients are kept in a separate pantry.”

“None of my baking tools (pans, pots, mixers, measuring cups/spoons, etc) have come in contact with gluten and are kept in separate drawers/cupboards. There is absolutely NO real flour in my house. I also do not use any pure oats/oats at all. I feel like I take the right precautions because my daughter and I would get sick if it was not safe.”

“I am a nut and dairy friendly kitchen. While I can take precautions I can’t guarantee no cross-contamination. I am working on dairy free and/or egg free recipes and have a couple of options right now. I do not have separate pans, mixers, etc for dairy free, so if you are very sensitive I would not recommend. If there is a need for this, I will consider it in the future!”

“Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have via my Facebook page or! I look forward to making your event extra delicious!!”