Women with Celiac Disease More Likely to Miscarry

miscarriage celiac diseaseStephanie M. Moleski, Christina C. Lindenmeyer, J. Jon Veloski,
Robin S. Miller, Cynthia L. Miller, David Kastenberg, Anthony J. DiMarino

In a retrospective cohort analysis examining reproductive features of women with celiac disease, we associated celiac disease with significant increases in spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, and later age of menarche.” Excerpted from Study in Annals of Gasteroenterology, Volume 28, No 2 (2015) > Moleski

“Women with doctor-diagnosed celiac disease are more likely to miscarry or deliver preterm than women with no history of the condition, according to a small U.S. study. Researchers say that women experiencing miscarriages or preterm deliveries should be checked for undiagnosed celiac. While there are many more common causes of pregnancy complications, women who don’t know why they can’t conceive or carry a baby to term should find out if they have celiac disease, said lead study author Dr. Stephanie Moleski, a researcher at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. “Miscarriage in celiac disease patients has been linked to vitamin deficiencies of zinc, selenium, iron and folate,” Moleski said by email. “When I see patients who have had fertility or pregnancy complications I feel it is appropriate to consider testing for celiac disease.” Excerpted from Lisa Rapaport’s summary Medscape.com

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