FYI #WestJet: Argentine Airlines Mandated to Provide Gluten-Free Meals

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If you are among the thousands of gluten-free flyers who read The Celiac Scene’s personal experiences re:  Airline Crashes Before Take-Off Without Gluten-Free Meals and/or came upon them via Facebook shares, you’ll welcome news from Argentina posted by Lexology  on December 16, 2015.

“Law 27,196, which was introduced on November 18 2015, has made the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of coeliac disease and access to gluten-free food a matter of national interest. The Ministry of Health is required to check and determine the amount of gluten included in food products containing wheat, oats and barley. Labels must indicate whether food products are gluten free. Article 4 of the law sets out the institutions that must offer at least one gluten-free food item, which includes airlines.

If the airline fails to comply with these requirements it can be fined and its services suspended; however, it will have a right to defence.

gluten free airline mealsIt is unclear whether the law applies to Argentine domestic carriers only, but it appears that if a passenger requests a gluten free meal when he or she makes a booking, it must be supplied if the flight departs from Argentina. Otherwise, the applicability of the law appears to go beyond of the scope of Argentine jurisdiction.”

If you are “Mad as Hell and You’re Not Going to Take This Anymore,” particularly in the close confines of an in-flight cabin, The Celiac Scene invites you Sign and Share the Petition or communicate your sentiments to WestJet through the following channels:

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