Art of Slow Food Sourdough Pizza Dough

art-of-slow-pizza-dough-igYou asked for it! The Art of Slow Food delivers. Raw, sourdough pizza dough to make in your own home! Gluten free, vegan, sugar free and organic!

Find unbaked, dough balls portioned for large (14-16″) pizzas in the refrigerator or freezers sections of carrying retailers and markets.

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NEW! Art of Slow Food 100% Gluten-Free Cafe & Bakery opens on Fisgard!

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About the Dough

  • Made with spring water, psyllium husk, ground flax, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, natural levain (wild yeast) and sea salt
  • Good for 21 days in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer
  • Remove dough from fridge and let it reach room temperature
  • Dough will be workable, easy to roll but a bit more sensitive to tearing than gluten dough
  • Roll out with a dusting of gluten-free flour or between two pieces of parchment paper
  • Crust can be par-baked for 3-5 minutes at 450˚F or for 7-10 minutes all dressed, until cheese browns
  • Par-baked crusts can be frozen for future use

art of slow food sourdough wpThe Art of Slow Food is a philosophy – old world traditions revived for a better lifestyle. Artisan gluten-free sourdough, wild fermented veggies, bone broth and a happy belly.

Owner, Kaitlin Chamberlin, uses local organic ingredients and traditional methods of food preparation to make unique, delicious creations that nourish your body. Using minimal equipment and prepping in small batches, they  offer colorful and delicious food that is local, sustainable and accessible. The Art of Slow Food caters to dietary limitations of all kinds, providing food that isn’t complicated or unpronounceable.

Reach Kaitlin with custom orders or dietary information. Most dietary needs can be met. Product inquiries always welcome.

Contact form[email protected] • 902.476.7732