Let’s Do It! Let’s Dine Together at Nando’s Langford!

Nando's Peri Peri ChickenThe Celiac Scene received a fabulous review about Nando’s in Langford from a gluten-free family with additional sensitivities. The manager had taken the time to walk them through the posted Allergen Chart to help them order a meal that met everyone’s need. Safe and delicious!

The Celiac Scene popped in for an onsite visit a few days later and the same manager went on to explain that apart from the bread and buns that accompany certain meals,  the rest of their menu is virtually gluten free.

BEST NEWS of ALL! Nando’s even has a dedicated deep fryer for out favourite gluten-free food group – FRIES!! When they receive a ‘gluten-free’ order, staff follow a strict protocol and can competently accommodate almost any sensitivity.

gluten-free-menu-nandosThe News on Nando’s

“PERi-PERi didn’t just fall out of the sky! Our brave Portuguese forefathers were introduced to it when they reached Africa way back in the 15th Century. It changed them (and us) forever.

“Nando’s first opened in South Africa in 1987 and soon became famous for its Portuguese style flame-grilled chicken with a PERi-PERi (African Birds Eye Chilli) kick. Since opening the first Canadian restaurant in Richmond, B.C. in 1994, it didn’t take long for word to spread like wildfire about the legendary PERi-PERi flavour with restaurants opening in the lower mainland of B.C. and Ontario to where it stands today with 29 restaurants spanning 3 provinces.

The Nando’s restaurant experience is a unique combination of warm Portuguese hospitality, hot flame-grilled chicken and, of course, the famous PERi-PERi flavour.”

So Let’s Do It! Let’s Dine Together at Nando’s Langford!  Saturday, September 17th at 4pm!

Nando's LangfordNo Drop-ins please. RSVP via Victoria Gluten-Free Foodies  or email ellen@theceliacscene.com

This is a Foodie event that will no doubt be on the spicy side, and one that is being staged to avoid the weeknight West Shore Crawl and Nando’s very busy Saturday evening and all-day Sunday crowd. Please join us in experiencing what this very popular restaurant can offer us!

Scroll down Nando’s extensive menu to get your juices flowing. If you have any questions, give Nando’s a call directly at 250-478-4443.

Find Nando’s at 2401 Millstream Road in Millstream Village, near Tom Lee’s Music.

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