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UPLOADING 1 / 1 – Chef Pola Culinary Sept 3, 2018.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS Chef Pola Culinary Sept 3, 2018Chef Pola Culinary is on a mission to connect natural brands with conscious consumers. Based out of  Vancouver, British Columbia, they are dedicated to sourcing high-quality, gluten-free products from around the world and introducing them to Canada, starting right here on Vancouver Island! A perfect fit for the lifestyle we love!

  • Pure – exceptional taste – naturally
  • Sustainable – healthy products for your whole family
  • Selective – family-run businesses with generations of knowledge

Chef Pola Gluten-Free Sap Maple Seltzer

Sap! Maple Water is Simple

  • One ingredient with one mission: making the world a healthier place, without sacrificing taste. Enjoyed for more than eight generations by a family in Vermont, Chef Pola Culinary is bring Sap! to Canada!
  • Sap! is simple – one tasty ingredient simple. Just 100% pure maple sap direct from the tree with naturally occurring antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients. Sparkling, with a natural sweetness, Sap! is free of additives and preservatives. Learn more here!

Available at Lifestyle Markets in Victoria. Coming soon to a retailer near you!

Vegan Rob's

Vegan Rob’s

  • Entrepreneur Robert Ehrlich had already created several of the most iconic snack brands of the past generation but like Chef Pola Culinary, Rob wanted to launch a new snack food focused on nutrition and compassion.
  • His goals were simple: love yourself, our planet and all living things. Then make a product that was delicious, gluten-free and a whole lot of fun. Learn more here!

Available at Lifestyle Markets in Victoria

Fire Brew Health Tonics

  • Fire Brew is an apple cider vinegar-based health tonic.  Raw, organic vinegar is steeped for 4-6 weeks in an abundance of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices (that are hand chopped, shredded, juiced…) for optimal health benefits.
  • It’s then strained and pressed and the concentrated vitamin-packed liquid is bottled to have you firing on all cylinders. Sweeten with honey, cut with your favorite beverage and/or add it to your foods.
  • The ‘brew’ can be taken daily as a preventative measure in either shot form, in your beverage of choice or integrated into your food choices (i.e. in your salads or marinades). Learn more here!

Available at Lifestyle Markets in Victoria

Chef Pola Sorbatto


  • Sorbatto™ Frosty Blue is created with the whole blueberry – all of the flavor, plus all the antioxidant-rich nutrients! Frosty Blue isn’t a sorbet, and it isn’t a gelato. It’s a bold, yet smooth fruit experience in a league all its own. Frosty Blue begins with the blueberry’s natural pectins and fiber, creating a rich, creamy, texture all by itself, without the use of syrup (like sorbet) or dairy (like gelato).
  • Plant-based products, straight from the Yakima valley in Washington State to your freezer! Learn more here.

Coming soon to a retailer near you!

Chef Pola WP

Pola & Steven – Chef Pola Culinary

About Chef Pola Culinary

  • Pola is a gourmet-certified Chef through the Dubrulle Culinary Arts program in Vancouver. During her many catering years as an onsite chef and events supervisor, she became increasingly aware of the lack of healthy ingredients in the convenience foods available for families.
  • “I began to experiment with making snacks using only healthy natural ingredients that were easy to carry and share. This thirst for knowledge while working and developing recipes using healthy ingredients; both professionally and personally, I honed my skills towards natural foods, personally and professionally.” 
  • Steven operated a successful business importing natural foods, gaining experience in logistics and building relationships with the retailers we love.

In 2014, Chef Pola Culinary was born! • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Contact

Chef Pola

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