Disneyland for Gluten-Free Child

gluten free disneylandTiffany asks, “Going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks and am wondering if anyone has any tips for dining with my picky 6-year-old Celiac? I know that I as an adult celiac will be fine (there is always salad) but I’m worried about kid type foods as we’ve had this problem with traveling in the past. Also, what kind of food budget am I look at?”

Great question! When it comes to Disneyland or Disneyworld, it is paradise for gluten-free parents and children alike! See below for a 2010 Canadian Celiac Association review that should assure you that you are going to looooove it there! Other families offer these updates on their own amazing experiences!

Jillian: There are a ton on GF disney groups on fb who can help

Storamie: Your child will be overjoyed with the options! No need to stress. When we went with our son every time the chef would come out and talk directly to our son. It was an amazing experience both times!

Tracy: Easy peasy! Every restaurant in Disneyland can do gf. We love the mexican place by thunder mtn, Flo’s V8 cafe in california adventure and the storyteller’s cafe. We found it was about 9 or 10 dollars for breakfast and around 15 for dinner. That being said, the portions were so big that’s all we ate (with snacks in between that we brought in with us- snack foods in the park are ridiculously expensive) and my gf daughter and I often shared one meal. If you can afford the splurge, the character breakfast at Goofy’s kitchen is amazing. The chef will make you fresh items in the back and can even do gf mickey shaped waffles. One night we bought snacks at CVS to eat in the hotel room for dinner but it really didn’t save much money. If I had it to do again I would eat all meals in the park. Every single place accommodated happily and our safe (not sick once) meals were hand delivered on colour coded plates by the chef each time smile emoticon Have a blast! Also the mickey ice cream bars are gf too as is the fruit and chocolate sauce by the Indiana Jones ride! I should add that you used to go to the town hall to get a list of restaurants that can accommodate but now they all can. You really just walk up to the front of the line, indicate you have an allergy and they will give you options of what is safe. It was harder finding vegetarian than gluten free (we are both) :)

KristaSo many great choices. The gluten free app for Disney is great. Just tell the servers. If needed chef will come to table in so many places.

Julie: We just went to Disney in November. Every place we ate a sit down meal a chef came out to talk to us to discuss options. The fast dining options all have kid friendly gf options. When I asked my 7 year old daughter what her favourite part of the trip was she said “that I could eat in restaurants”.  I have never felt comfortable with her eating out until we went there. It was amazing!!! Can’t say enough about it.  I brought some snacks for travelling but once we were on the resort we didn’t need them at all.


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