Bulk Bins – Safe for Celiacs?

QUESTION: “What is the best place to buy bulk ingredients for gluten-free baking (tapioca flour, xanthum gum, potato starch and rice flour) in Victoria? My daughter was recently diagnosed and I’m looking for large quantities of each. Is there a wholesale outlet for such things? TIA”

Bulk Bins

ANSWER: The Celiac Scene encourages gluten-free shoppers to consider the following:

• What information does the retailer provide about the source of dried fruit, nuts, legumes and/or flours in bulk bins?

• Are bin contents inherently gluten free, manufactured in a faculty that also handles wheat or processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility?

• How diligent is the carrying retailer in sourcing products that are not cross contaminated in manufacturing or packaging?

• How does the retailer ensure that there is no possibility of cross-contamination issue between bins?

• How are store staff trained in preventing cross contamination when filling, moving bins?

• Do store staff change their gloves, aprons, scoopers between filling/moving bins gluten and gluten-free bins?

Bulk Bins

Anne Wraggett,
President, Board of Directors, Canadian Celiac Association www.celiac.ca

For the largest selection of dried fruit, nuts, legumes, flours and baking ingredients in Victoria, if not all of British Columbia, visit the Gluten-Free Department of Lifestyle Markets on Douglas Street.

gluten free department lifestyle markets

Known as the first-stop-shop for anyone new to the diet or new to town, Lifestyle Markets offers the most comprehensive selection of gluten-free flours and baking ingredients in British Columbia. Enjoy carefree shopping in Victoria’s first – and largest – dedicated gluten-free department, take in a complimentary Gluten-Free Tasting or visit Lifestyle Markets’ sister stores on  Cook Street or Lifestyle Select in Sidney

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Wish you could try before you buy pricey gluten-free food?  Here’s your chance! Join Ellen Bayens of  The Celiac Scene for a fun and informative taste extravaganza! Second and fourth Saturday of every month Lifestyle Markets on Douglas Street between 12 and 2 pm. Look for Ellen’s smile in the Gluten-Free Department. No diagnosis or RSVP required.