Did You Know … Epicure is 100% Gluten Free?!

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Did you know that ALL of Epicure’s products are gluten-free, and that scrupulous allergen protocols have been established in their gluten-free, nut-free facility?

Did you know that products can be sourced directly from their website, no party invite required? Hosting home parties is no longer necessary.*  Anyone can shop directly from the site iaat epicure.com

Did you know that Epicure has created an enormous recipe resource that offers fresh and fun ideas for any given product? Coming soon – instructional videos and customer ratings!

For The Celiac Scene’s easy overview of everything that Epicure has to offer, please see Epicure is 100% Gluten Free!

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Epicure Good Food Mission

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Recently, Epicure’s Home Office reached out to me, to see if I would like to come for an exclusive factory tour to view their production lines, assembly areas and distribution centre! Yes was my immediate answer!

I would also have an opportunity for a 1-on-1 with their Quality Supervisor, Vince Williams so that I could ask all the hard questions i.e. my ‘Gluten Free Grillers!’

I headed to the manufacturing facility, out on a gorgeous farm where they locally blend and package in North Saanich, right here on Vancouver Island!

With a 150 employees, 80 onsite, the factory was a bee hive of activity. 120,000 units of items are being produced and shipped every week, to Canadian and US customers.

EPICURE epic boxI viewed the assembly area where over 8,000 “Epic Boxes” are made and shipped each month, one of the only gluten-free monthly food subscription options on the market today.

The company’ goal is to take the stress out of the common refrain, “what’s for dinner?” by having 6 meal seasonings plus a dessert in the box each month sent to us every month. What’s not to love!

EPICURE MealsEpicure has strict allergen protocols starts from their supply chain of raw ingredients – sourced only from those who are dedicated nut-free producers, and who can provide gluten free sampling verification.

Once received, any raw material that contains the common allergens sesame, soy, coconut, mustard or dairy is segregated to a dedicated warehouse row to avoid cross-contamination.

EPICURE PancakesOnce a product containing one of those 5 allergens is blended and packaged, the entire room it was produced in is required to have a deep-clean that can take up to 8 hours. That includes swabbed samples to ensure no traces remain for the next run of products.

When I met with their head of Quality, I asked why they were not certified yet by a third-party auditor. It is a goal they certainly have, but is a lengthy process.

Currently, their gluten-free claim holds absolute truth to it! They have an onsite laboratory to test each production “run” 5 times throughout the packing cycle: the first item off the production line, two in the middle of the run, and the final jar or bag off of the production line. The finished goods are not released until the Quality team confirms all samples came back gluten-free, under 20 ppm

EPICURE mac n cheeseI had the opportunity to take home some products to try.

I was particularly excited to read on package labels that Epicure uses ‘clean’ ingredients. Basic spices make up their seasonings, with no preservatives, MSG or flavour enhancers. Just inspired formulations that are going to jazz up my favourite meals – and then some!

I am excited to trying items that we all know are so hard to find – like the ‘Happy Birthday Vanilla Cake Mix!’ After giving up on gluten-free baking, I am thrilled to start baking again and to get out of my ‘meal rut’  with Epicure’s non-stop meal ideas. Their recipe suggestions just keep coming!

Between the products I have tried, the first-hand experience I had in the facility and the conversations with the Quality Team and others at Epicure’s Home Office, I am proud to personally and officially recommend Epicure products as a safe option for celiacs.

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Let me know – did YOU know Epicure was all 100% gluten-free? 

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