FOMO (GFN) = Fear of Missing Out on Gluten-Free News!

 Celiac Scene FacebookIt’s been an exciting week at The Celiac Scene! Have a peek:

If this is news to you, you may be experiencing FOMO (GFN) – Fear Of Missing Out on Gluten-Free News.

gluten free questionsErin worried, “I ‘like’ your Facebook page yet I never see the posts on my newsfeed … hmmm I wonder why?”

fear of missing outIf you’d like to keep up with breaking news and topics of concern or interest to the gluten free, it’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezey!






Click for Facebook’s ‘Notification’ instructions

  • Proceed to and click on ‘Like’
  • Already done that? Then take two more steps!
  • Hover your mouse/cursor over the ‘Like’ button a little longer and a drop down menu should appear.  Click on Notifications and another drop down menu will appear:
  • Click on ‘All Posts’ and start receiving emails whenever a new entry is posted on The Scene. If it gets to be too much you can retrace your steps – and ‘unclick.’
  • On the other hand, if you live in ‘Gluten-Free Paradise, you may want to click on ‘Events’ to be notified whenever there is a gluten-free happening taking place near you – like so!


gluten free holiday

Never feel left out again!