Getting to Know Glutenull Gluten-Free Bakery

Glutenull Gluten-Free Bakery in Coquitlam, BC produces a delicious collection of gluten-free breads, granola, cookies and bars to
nourish your body and delight your taste-buds!


“Otari Kobalia was born in Georgia, a European country located by the Black Sea, between Russia and Turkey. After being a successful mathematics teacher in his country, he moved to Canada in 1996 and opened Glutenull in 2011 in Coquitlam, British Columbia more than 10 years after working in the baking industry.”

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“Being a vegetarian since the 80’s, he saw the importance for gluten free choices that are healthy, while still yummy. Ecotrend is excited to be working with Otari and thrilled to offer his delicious treats to our customers across Canada. Let’s chat with Otari to get to know him better.”

When and why did you move to Canada?

  • I moved to Canada in 1996 with my wife and two kids. After we were kicked out of our home during the Georgian Civil War, we applied for Landed Immigrant status at the Canadian embassy in Budapest and were granted approval. We were very happy; this moment became our new beginning.

Were you a baker in your home of Georgia?

  • After I completed my postgraduate education and research in Moscow, I taught math at Sukhumi University in my hometown. My educational papers from Moscow were submitted to the Canadian Evaluation Board but were delayed until the year 2000 – it was only then that I received my Master’s degree. By this time I had already started my bakery business in Canada and did not want to give up and surrender. I do not know what prompted me to open a bakery; perhaps it was a call of nature. My last name translates to “Bready” in Georgian and my mother’s last name translates as “Miller.” Perhaps my decision to become a vegetarian in 1980 is what started it all. This was tough in the beginning; I always felt hungry. Many people did not believe I could survive on a vegetarian diet. I didn’t give up and began experimenting by creating treats for myself.

Why did you decide to focus on gluten-free treats?

  • When I first arrived in Canada, I had to learn a lot of new things, even how to cross the street! When I first started my bakery, I didn’t know anything about the business. Within the first eight years two articles were written about my Georgian baguette. I will never forget Mia Stainsby’s passionate article, “Georgia on my mind compared with French rival;” she made me believe in myself. Following that we were featured in Vancouver Magazine in an article entitled “100 things to eat before you die,” and in Baker Magazine as well. In 2009, a customer asked me to make bread for his gluten intolerant child. I love a challenge, and so I started experimenting. We introduced Buckwheat Bread, which in the beginning looked and tasted more like clay than bread, but eventually we came up with the product available today and I’m very proud of it. There is no magic here, just hard work.

Your company offers 10 different treats. Which is your absolute favourite?

  • My favourite is our Hemp Energy Bar, because I matched the taste with a famous delight in Georgia called “Churchkhela,” a very popular treat in the former USSR. I believe the best way to make a tasty product is to recreate your favourite flavours from childhood.

How many people work for your BC company?

  • 12 people work for GluteNull. There are five of us in production.

Glutenull is a Vancouver-based certified gluten & vegan wholesale bakery dedicated to bringing you fresh, premium quality, organic & non-GMO foods that are wholesome and delicious. They also offer a large variety of products catering to different diets including keto-friendly, paleo, and diabetic-friendly.
Glutenull Gluten-Free Bakery

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PRODUCTS – Certified Gluten-free, vegan, fresh, premium quality, organic & non-GMO

Glutenull Breads

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BREADS – Taste the difference in their award-winning vegan, raw, yeast and gluten-free products.

Coconut Ciabatta Keto

Glutenull Cookies

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COOKIES – Guilt-free indulgence, truly delicious treats that will cure your sweet tooth.

Keto Hemp
Keto Lemon Coconut
Buckwheat Choco
Quinoa Coconut
Ginger Squares
Fruit & Nut Bars
Ginger Squares
Coko Moko
Goji Chocolate
Chocolate Chip


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ORGANIC ENERGY BARS – SINGLES – Paleo bars made with raw ingredients. Perfect for breakfast on the go or a healthy treat. Explore a world of flavors.

Hemp Energy
Coco D’Lish
Chia Goji Bar
Buckwheat Bar

Glutenull Energy Bars

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ORGANIC ENERGY BARS – PACKS – Packs of paleo bars made with raw ingredients. Perfect for breakfast on the go or a healthy treat.

Hemp Energy
Coco D’Lish
Chia Goji Bar
Buckwheat Granola Bar

Glutenull Granola

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GRANOLA – Certified organic and made with all non-GMO ingredients. A great granola alternative for yogurt, ice cream or straight out of the bag.

Chia Goji

Winner – Food in Canada’s 2018 “Rising Star Award”
Recipient – Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses 2019

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