Update on Better Than Bouillon’s Gluten-Free Status

Better Than BouillonIn 2012, Better than Bouillon used to be the go-to stock starter for celiacs.  At that I was conducting a Gluten-Free Store tour at Planet Organic here in Victoria, BC when I made my usual stop in front of the Better Than Bouillon shelf.

I noticed that the ‘gluten-free’ label no longer appeared on their products but in checking their website in 2012, was reassured as follows,

“We don’t test our finished products for gluten; therefore, we do not make any claims or representations regarding gluten. However, we understand how important it is for people who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity to have accurate information about foods to help plan their meals and diets. Therefore, we list ingredients that contain gluten on the ingredient statements of our products. These items will be listed using commonly known terms such as Wheat, Barley, Oats or Rye. For other ingredients that contain gluten, the grain source will be declared in parenthesis after the ingredient name. For example, if the ingredient “natural flavor” contains a gluten source, the label would read: natural flavor (contains rye).”


Better Than Bouillon FAQs http://www.superiortouch.com/retail/faq now states,

Are Better Than Bouillon Food Bases gluten-free?
“We do not make the gluten-free claims upon any of our Better Than Bouillon Food Bases.”

Celiac consumers – please be advised.