Jess Pirnak, RD – Wellness Warrior Working to Support Celiacs!

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Jess Pirnak, RD

Registered Dietitian, Jess Pirnak is a self-proclaimed ‘Wellness Warrior,’ working to support the newly diagnosed!

Jess volunteers to provide new members with a personal welcome and spends 30 minutes answering questions and directing them to local and national resources.

Jess wants to be a part of your wellness journey, starting from the moment that you join the CCA British Columbia.

“Surprisingly,” says Jess, “this service is not well used … maybe because no one knows about it?”

Members can email Jess at to set up a time to connect for a personal half-hour chat.


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Jess has volunteered as an RD advisor for CCA British Columbia for several years. She loves participating in Scotia Run Charity Challenges with her mom, speaking at CCA Annual General Meetings, appearing at Lower Mainland drop-in support groups and contributing to their newsletters. Jess is all in!

“This group is so keen and eager to learn, which makes me love working with them! My passions as a dietitian are: prevention, education and creating a healthy community and this volunteer work hits all my values!”

As a plant-loving registered dietitian, health coach, writer and advocate for the power of food and its connection to health, Jess is the  and founder of

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“As a dietitian, I translate complex scientific evidence into bite size pieces to offer simple but practical solutions to promote health and manage special health conditions. I love working with individuals and groups to improve their eating habits and to address all their different nutritional needs. As a certified wellness coach, helping clients reach their best selves through meeting their fitness, nutrition and mental health goals is the most rewarding experience. I work with clients with all kinds of goals but my expertise is in plant-based eating, celiac disease and gut health.” Contact Jess here.

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More About Jess

Jess is passionate about education, prevention and creating a healthy community, so you will find her consulting, writing and speaking on a variety of topics. With an extensive background as a retail dietitian, Jess understands the natural food sector and the importance of a sustainable food system. Currently, she is the in-house dietitian advisor for the CCA British Columbia, the Director of Consumer Product & Services behind the app: MyHealthyGut and a Clinical Instructor at UBC.

Jess fell in love with coaching after several years of wearing the expert hat and currently integrates the coaching framework with nutrition counselling to support her clients reach their health goals.

Looking for an energetic speaker or writer?

Jess is passionate about being a voice for sound nutrition advice through media outlets and has been contributing to newspapers, blogs and newsletters for the last 4 years. Some examples include: Global Morning News, North Shore News, Healthy Families BC Blog, & Choices Markets Newsletter. Contact Jess!