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Anete and Rose

“The gluten-free now have choice! They now have flavor!  They now have Anete and Rose Coutinho!”

Rose the physician, and Anete the chef, have joined their unique blend of skills to offer a place where people with diet restrictions can enjoy delicious breads, pastries, pot pies, lasagne, sausage rolls and more.

Let’s Eat Guilt Free is a 100% gluten-free oasis in Nanaimo, BC that offers everything possible under the gluten-free sun. Soft and delicious baking from carefully vetted ingredients; recipes crafted with taste and texture in mind; dairy-free options and precautions can be taken for the nut allergic.

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Enjoy soups made from scratch, sandwiches, pizza, lasagnas, pot pies, quiches and more by the fire in their cozy cafe. Ice-cream in gluten-free waffle cones, cakes and all manner of confections are perfect for the patio! Let’s Eat Guilt Free’s freezers are full up with ready-to-bake meat pies, quiches, lasagna and more. Plan to purchase from a huge selection of local and national brands – all guaranteed to be gluten free.

Gluten-Free QuicheGluten-Free Pot Pie

Where to purchase Let’s Eat Guilt Free on Vancouver Island:
• Mother Nature’s in Victoria
• Country Grocer in Victoria
• Market on Millstream in Langford
Market on Yates in Victoria
• Sante Gluten-Free Cafe in Victoria
• Edible Island Whole Foods Market
• Great Greens Farm Market
• Pomme Natural Market
• Save On Foods in Nanaimo and Parksville
• Thriving Locally – Shop Where You live

Testimonial: “Never has my 7 year old Celiac son walked into a restaurant where there were more choices of what he could eat than not eat! In fact EVERY SINGLE ITEM on their menu, at the bakery counter & on the shelves is gluten free with a variety of dairy free options as well! The food was delicious (we really enjoyed the Lasagna, the Pizza and the Roast Beef sandwich… all super yummy!) Thanks to the fabulous ladies that provide this service, we really enjoyed our rare ‘eat out’ outing… and it’s 100% safe! We particularly loved the sign on the front door that says it’s a serious offense to bring anything gluten into the facility!” 

Let’s Eat Guilt Free is also the epicenter eclectic community of artists. A changing feast for the eyes – and ears. Stay tuned for their Open-Mic events!

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