Cross Contamination. Two Words. Two Stories.

Cross contamination strikes fear in the hearts – and tummies – of celiacs and anyone trying to live gluten free in a gluten world. One crumb of regular bread or the equivalent of 1 grain of rice in 50,000 grains could trigger the auto-immune reaction or the symptoms that compromise our health. Thank goodness for people who care enough about us to make sure that what they eat does not impact what we eat.

preventing cross contamination

Max at his dedicated ‘gluten’ station

Max and Ava!
Even though little brother Max does not have celiac disease, big sister Ava does. A little brother could be oblivious, but Max is hardly that! See Max at the ‘gluten station’ that he undertook to create in his family’s kitchen. “He came up with the idea, looked online for a microwave stand and went to the second hand store with me to get it and the bread box. He really had a ‘vision’ and was not to be deterred!” Kudos to ‘Mom’ for enlightening and empowering a new generation of gluten-free ambassadors!

Rock Cod Café in Cowichan Bay!
It’s hard enough to safely prepare gluten-free food in a household with  gluten eaters, imagine wanting to do so in the confines of a busy commercial kitchen. Jacob Hökanson is committed to doing so. As a celiac himself, Jacob well knows how hard it is to be gluten free AND socialize with friends and family who can order with care-free abandon. That is why he has established a training protocol whereby every Rock Cod Cafe employee undertakes an allergy awareness inservice as part of their very first shift. From chefs to servers; placing an order to delivering a meal, visual checks of each component of a gluten-free, allergen-safe meal are part of a protocol that has made Rock Cod Cafe a trusted destination for local and traveling gluten-free diners. Feel the ripple! Jacob has single-handedly mentored an entire generation of servers and chefs about the needs of the gluten free!

Let’s celebrate the attention that family members and caring restaurants take in including us so that we can enjoy the very best that life has to offer in Victoria, Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island and British Columbia!


Rock Cod Cafe