Time to Plan Your Gluten-Free Christmas Party with Six Mile Pub

Are you, your family or the business you work for or own making plans for Christmas? Six Mile Pub is pleased to invite long-term and special gluten-free guests to take advantage of their Priority Booking privileges now so they can secure the most popular dates in the holiday season. There is literally something for everyone. Book now before they open up their bookings to the community in general.

Six Mile Pub Christmas Menus

Six Mile Pub’s Christmas Menus

  • Reception Packages
  • Reception Menus
  • Self-Serve Lunches
  • Dinner Buffets with Add-On Chef Stations
  • Casual 3-Course Lunches
  • 3-Course Dinners (your choice of Rustic, Classic or Gourmet)

Six Mile Pub 300 x 250Great Food Takes Time

  • It takes time to raise animals without growth hormones or antibiotics
  • It takes time to grow fruits and vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • It takes time to cook food using traditional and classic methods, without the use of microwaves.

Great Food is Worth the Time

  • Serving Ocean Wise A Sustainable Choice • Great Food that is Gluten-Free • Gluten-Free Options • Vegetarian

Six Mile Pub Christmas Menus

  • TESTIMONIAL:  Just had dinner last night at the 6 Mile Pub on Old Island Highway. Wow! I have eaten here before but was amazed again at the GF menu selection, presentation, deliciousness, and the feeling of safety eating there. We went with another family and it was so awesome that I could share food with others who easily ordered GF even though they aren’t Celiac because there is just so many good things to choose from. The calamari is the best I have had anywhere. All the deserts were gluten free. How is this possible I wondered? I asked the waitress and she told me the chef is Celiac! We need more Celiac chefs that are this creative!! I this has got to be best restaurant for dinner for Celiacs in the Victoria area.
Six Mile Pub Gluten-Free Guarantee

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The 160 year-old View Royal pub that served the Gold Rush has set the gold standard for gluten free! Pub fare created with culinary flare, Six Mile is proud to serve ‘SIX-Nature’ chicken wings, deep-fried halibut and – wait for it –  safe french fries & yam fries cooked in a dedicated deep fryer!

Six Mile Pub’s Red Seal Chefs and their protégées pride themselves on meeting the needs of celiac diners and  anyone with sensitivities i.e. dairy, soy, nuts or shellfish.

The kudos continue  – it is not necessary to call ahead to announce a gluten-free diner, but those with additional sensitivities will be treated like royalty if you let the chefs know at 250-478-3121. They’ve yet to meet an allergy they have not been able to accommodate.

There’s a cozy corner,  a sun-drenched patio or a pool table just right for you. Families are welcome with a menu made with the celiac child in mind. The family room, open daily until 9pm also makes a great space for group functions.

Six Mile Pizza.

Gluten-free pizza is a Happy Hour feature everyday from 3 – 5pm made with Six Mile’s Signature Sourdough Crust.

Six Mile Pub Gluten-Free Bun

Six Mile produces its own light and fluffy gluten-free buns with a Celiac Scene Approved Secret Ingredient!

Six Mile All Day SelectionPrinter-Friendly All Day Selection

Six Mile Dinner Features

Printer-Friendly Dinner Features

Kids Menu Six Mile Pub

Kids Menu available in the Family Room until 9 pm

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Six Mile Pub pulls out all the gluten-free stops – every Sunday! Gluten-free hotcake stack, eggs benedict, omelettes, hash browns and amazing desserts! Gear up with a Mimosa, a Caesar or even a gluten-free Bard’s Beer! Gots Kids? Ask to be seated in the Family Room and order from the Kids Menu!


Sunday Breakfast at Six Mile Pub where ‘GF’ means ‘Great Food that is Gluten Free!’

Six Mile Pub a la carte Sunday Breakfast

Printer-Friendly Six Mile Pub a la carte Sunday Breakfast

Find Six Mile Pub at 494 Old Island Highway in View Royal, British Columbia
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