Giddy Up! Home-Made Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns!

We asked the gluten free to name their favorite hot dog buns and received some great recommendations: Udi’s, Sobey’s, Kinnikinnick.  However, we were gobsmacked to learn that it is possible to make your own – in less than an hour!  Jeanine Friesen of The Baking Beauties shares her recipe with us here in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands! Thank you, Jeanine!

recipe gluten free buns

More about Jeanine: “After being diagnosed, I often just went “bun-less”, like I know many of you do. Then the stores started to carry gluten free buns that are actually pretty good, but they tend to be quite expensive. Although it was nice to be able to eat my hot dog or burger on a bun again, sometimes just the cost, or the inconvenience, prohibited me from having them. Now that I know how easy it is to make my own hot dog buns, for just a fraction of the cost, I don’t think I’ll ever bother buying them again. These buns are nice and soft, yet they hold up well, even when loaded with toppings. The oat flour used in them gives them a great texture, and helps them to remain soft, even after sitting on the counter for a day. Like all gluten-free baking though, these are best the day they are baked. Since it only takes an hour to make these, including rise and bake time, it’s not a full day commitment to have fresh baked buns to go with your hot dog or hamburger.”

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