Tremors Continue to Plague Earthquake Prone Victoria, Vancouver Island. Are You Prepared?

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Hundreds of tremors attributed to Victoria’s December 30th 4.8 shaker continue to plague our region, according to Kiro TV News.  The Times Colonist reported on January 9th that local residents are flooding emergency preparedness outlets, among them, Victoria-based TOTAL PREPARE.
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Emergency preparedness

Click to read Adrian Chamberlain’s article in the Times Colonist, January 9th, 2016

gluten free emergency preparedness

Bar graphs shoot to the sky as data comes in from 25 earthquake detectors during Tuesday night’s 4.8 magnitude earthquake. This is what Kent Johansen’s earthquake detectors recorded when the quake hit. (Kent Johansen/YouTube)

An  earthquake measured at 4.8 magnitude shook Greater Victoria at 11:39 p.m. Tuesday, December 30th, reported The Times Colonist:

  • “that REALLY shook the house here in Saanich. Ducked and covered. My poor cat” — Tom Clements
  • “felt it in Nanaimo, chair shook, like something fell behind it but nothing else moved in the room” — Sharon Erickson
  • “Wow! Felt the largest #earthquake in my near 16 years living on #SaltSpring. 4.9 – Scary!” — Lynda Monk
  • Anonymous comments posted to, which tracks earthquakes:
  • “I felt two brief periods of shaking. Nothing fell off the walls or tables, it was more or a swaying than jerking feeling. The first period lasted a few seconds, with some rumbling. After about five seconds, a second swaying and rumbling started again lasting a few seconds.” — Brentwood Bay
  • “Loud rumble followed by the whole house shaking. A plant fell off a shelf. Strong enough that we felt we had to check the basement and the brickwork outside for cracks and/or damage.” — Sidney
  • “I heard the earthquake before I felt it. It sounded like a large vehicle moving closer towards my house. The earthquake arrived with a bang.” — Saanich
  • “House shook for a good 30 seconds hard and steady , only 4 miles from epi center” — Saanich
  • “Felt it enough to get up and will certainly have a good look around our century home in Fairfield neighbourhood Victoria. Could truly feel the house shake and xmas tree was swaying.” — Victoria

emergency preparednessVictoria-based TOTAL PREPARE offers these suggestions:

  • It is wise for everyone to prepare a grab-and-go bag that will last for 72 hours.
  • In earthquake zones, plan to be self-sufficient for 7 days.
  • Water purification kits and tablets.
  • Heat and shelter: foil sleeping bags and stoves in a can.
  • Light and communication: crank flashlights and radios.
  • First aid and sanitation: including pails with toilet seats.
  • Store your supplies in your car, office, camper, outside in a shed, or at the front of your garage. NOT in the basement, which you may not have access to.