Gluten Free Turkey Feast by Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet

Cinde Little puts together a complete gluten-free turkey dinner with all the trimmings, perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special occasion!

photo credit, Jim Little

  • Cinde Little writes the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet food blog and teaches cooking classes in Calgary, Alberta. She became interested in gluten free cooking in 2009 after a friend was diagnosed with celiac disease. Food restrictions are real and learning to accommodate them is an important skill. As a passionate home cook, Cinde encourages everyone to just get in the kitchen and cook!

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Achiote Butter Basted TurkeyAchiote Butter Basted Turkey

A gluten free turkey feast can become a reality. Here is recipe for Achiote Butter Basted Turkey, based on a South Western theme!

Cornbread Chorizo StuffingCornbread Chorizo Stuffing

This Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing is made with chorizo sausage, peppers and cilantro. Add some chicken stock and cilantro and this delicious combination showcases the flavours of the American southwest. Add gravy and the magic happens.

Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted root vegetables are a perfect autumn or winter vegetable dish. They are appropriate beside an extravagant prime rib dinner or an everyday meat loaf. Vary the herbs to go with your menu and enjoy this dish until spring.

Ancho-Chile-GravyAncho Chile Gravy

Each family has their own traditions and list of essential dishes for their turkey feast but I’m pretty sure gravy is always included. Maybe not ancho chile gravy but some kind of gravy … and probably plenty of it.

Cranberry Orange and Cilantro SalsaCranberry Orange and Cilantro Salsa

This naturally Cranberry Orange and Cilantro Salsa is the perfect complement to  Achiote Butter Basted Turkey. Traditions vary but some type of cranberry sauce is essential for many families.

Pumpkin-PiePumpkin Pie

It is truly fall with warm sunny afternoons, the spectacular colours of autumn and daylight into the early evening. To me it also feels like the official beginning of pumpkin season. Suddenly pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin muffins appear everywhere. Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie.


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Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet Flour Mix

Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet’s Favourite Flour Mix – photo credit, Jim Little