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cinde-every-day-gluten-free-gourmet logo wpMeet Cinde, the ‘Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet!’ Cinde became interested in gluten free cooking in 2009 after a friend was diagnosed with celiac disease. As a passionate home cook she encourages everyone to just get in the kitchen and cook.

Cinde works as a registered respiratory therapist and certified respiratory & tobacco educator. She works with people with asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis and has a soft spot for people with food allergies and intolerances. Learn more about Cinde …

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Cinde’s Offerings

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Healthy Me Gluten Free Lifestyle Course igHealthy Me – A Gluten-Free Lifestyle Course

• Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity? • Are you struggling with the gluten free diet and lifestyle?

This course is designed to help you find your way through the overwhelming amount of new information as you begin your journey toward a healthy, gluten free lifestyle.You’ll receive a Workbook, Action Plan & Resource Guide.

Learn more here …
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Follow Cinde’s Blogs & Podcasts

  • Cinde’s blog is a gift to the gluten-free community! Lifestyle ideas, Recipe Round Ups plus tips for cooking and organizing in the kitchen. All the inspiration you need to start your culinary adventure. Learn more here …

EFGF Videos igCinde’s You Tube Channel

  • Cinde demonstrates that delicious gluten free cooking is not only possible, it’s possible for anyone. The educational tips are designed to help you understand the fundamentals of gluten free cooking​​, expand your knowledge and improve your skills. She brings her love of food and curiosity of new flavours and combinations to the gluten free experience. Learn more here …

How to Use Gluten-Free Flours Video Series

  • How to Use Gluten Free Flours + Properties & Recipes to Use Them In!’ 12 videos covering 21 ingredients for successful gluten-free baking! Rice Flours (white, brown, sweet rice) • Starches • Sorghum & Millet Flour • Corn Flour, Corn Meal & Masa • Almond & Quinoa Flours • Binders • Chickpea Flour • Teff Flour • Buckwheat Flour • Coconut Flour • Oat Flour • Perfect Blends

Cinde’s videos can also be seen on her website Cooking Videos

Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet RecipesGluten-Free Recipes Galore

  • Appetizers • Baking • Bread • Cookies & Bars • Desserts • Homemade Sauces • Mains • Miscellaneous • Morning Food • Salad • Side • Dishes • Soup. These recipes are sure to turn you into a gluten-free expert! Learn more here …

Virtual Cooking Classes

  • Cinde now offers virtual cooking classes for all on Zoom. She also has some classes for a Calgary audience only where people pick up all the ingredients purchased and measured out by Cinde. People then collect them at her house in Calgary the day before or the day of the Zoom class. Learn more about the classes here …