Vegan Nut Bar Makes the Most of BC Cherries

A dairy-free, kid-friendly recipe that turns cherries into a thick, sticky caramel perfect for granola!

cherry vegan oat nut barThis recipe uses cherry juice and agave nectar, which get cooked down to make a thick, almost caramel-like sugary binder. It’s also the element that brings the stickiness and the jelly-ness to the granola bar. To make this even better, this recipe only calls for 8 ingredients and it’s gluten-free – if  you use pure, gluten-free oats!

 Laura is a vegan food blogger and restaurant manager. She spends her free time crafting, camping and hiking with her boyfriend and their dog. Laura is a member of Strong Hearts Vegan Power, a vegan running team.  She is about to start grad school for public health nutrition.  Follow her blog at