Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies Try Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf

Fishhook Mermaid Wharf 6 FB

If you like the fantastically gluten-free Fishhook (FH) creations at 805 Fort Street, you are going to love Mermaid Wharf  at their second location at 407 Swift Street. Join Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies as we dare to dine at this fantastic venue on Friday, November 17th at 6pm.

It’s FH all over again, alright! It’s FH with a waterfront patio, char-grill, ‘thalis’ or share platters, cocktails, BC wines and six local taps, as well as a unique ‘FH-style’ weekend brunch — not to mention the ability to take reservations for dinner and brunch — even for large parties!

And Kunal has committed that all his Mermaid Wharf meals can be created for us – absolutely gluten free!* Seasonal 100% Oceanwise seafood, BC wines & libations and a locally driven, pescatarian, indo-french inspired menu. Soups, salads and curry are dairy, egg and wheat free. Prices and menu items subject to change.  Learn more about Fishhook! • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

Please RSVP via Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodiese or to Find Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf at the foot of Swift Street, across from the Canoe Club. Parking on Wharf Street.

  • *Note that wheat-free bread offered is sourced from a bakery that also bakes with gluten. 


THE PONDICHERRY – Two of our mixed seafood koftas served on top of our daily masala & golden basmati rice

DAILY KHATCH – From our Char-Grill & on our daily masala & golden basmati rice, or either of our salads (as listed)

  • spice-seared tuna belly
  • tandoori wild salmon
  • flash-roasted tandoori Humboldt squid
  • smoked sablefish
  • flash-roasted tandoori rock fish
  • flash-roasted Fanny bay oysters  (when available)


  • From our Char-Grill & on our daily masala & golden basmati rice, or either of our salads (as listed), or Char-grilled local seasonal vegetables.


  • A fresh indo fish and veg dish; ask for details.

Fishhook Mermaid Wharf 1SOUPS

FISHHOOK CHOWDERS – Thyme-chili roasted potato, coconut milk & smoked fish broth, wild fish confit, smoked salmon belly bacon.

Fishhook Mermaid Wharf 4SHARES

PEKORAS – GF pekora battered seafood or vegetable, served with chili-mint raita.

  • Broccoli
  • Eggplant
  • Fanny Bay Oysters
  • Wild salmon
  • Rock cod
  • Smoked sablefish
  • Albacore tuna belly

FISHHOOK BATTERED THALI – choose one veg and two seafood served with chili-mint raita, mango-lime chutney & red shred.

KOFTAS – Hand-formed spiced local wild seafood koftas served with house masala, crispy baguette & papadom.

FISHHOOK POUTINE – Masala frites, paneer curds, smoked sablefish, wild shrimp, masala gravy & crispy shallots.

VIN’DALOO – One pound of local mussels, white wine vindaloo broth & lemony baguette. Or enjoy as moules frites

MERMAID THALI – Crispy house-pickled seasonal local vegetables, served with candied salmonaisse, wild shrimp harissa & an assortment of local, sustainable cured, hot & cold smoked fish

FISH’N’FRITES – GF pekora battered & masala frites, red shred & citrus pickle remoulade; with your choice of:

  • Fanny Bay Oysters
  • Wild salmon
  • Rock cod
  • Smoked sablefish
  • Albacore tuna belly

 Fishhook Mermaid Wharf 2SALADS

  • we offer fresh local seafood addons, an inexpensive way to bolster your salad

GREENS – Herbed kale-broccoli tabouleh, romaine shred, rocket, pumpkin & sunflower seeds with green goddess or spicy harissa vinaigrette.

RED SHRED – Pickled savoy & red cabbage, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, harissa vinaigrette.

THE MERMAID COBB SALAD – Our greens+ salad, with a sweet-chili salmon bacon sausage, wild shrimp & free-range hardboiled egg with green goddess or spicy harissa vinaigrette.