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Blu Bakery wpBlu Bakery Specialty Baking is inspired by European roots and a love for exquisitely prepared and presented breads and pastries. From a solid gluten-free foundation, Marta & Marion rely upon wholesome, unprocessed ingredients;  organic and local whenever possible. Dairy-free and vegan options also available.

Enjoy  cookies, bread & bagels plus a rotation of seasonal items from the very freshest ingredients. Something special for everyone!

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• Find Blu Bakery 10:am – 2:pm at the Galiano Saturday Market from May to October. Approximately once per month (indoors) thereafter or by special order.
• Lions Hall on Burrill Road. See Map.
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• Marina Store at Montague Harbour and Daystar Market carry a selection of  Blu Bakery items.

Reserve your market order or place a special order: blubakerygaliano@gmail.comFacebook Messenger

Blu Bakery bakes at the North Galiano Island Community Hall, using their own equipment and ingredients that are labeled and / or certified to be gluten free.  A deep clean takes place prior to production to minimize the potential of cross contamination. *

Blu Bakery’s Story

Our affair with food began in Europe. We were both raised in countries very keen on baking. The daily buying of fresh bread was a joyful must-do, impeccably prepared and presented pastries and cakes accompanied our upbringing, each and every one a part of our cultural heritage, each one a memory in time. Learn more here …

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  • * Disclaimer: Blu Bakery does not use wheat, peanuts, soy (except Shiro Miso). Where possible, they substitute cane sugar with alternative sweetening agents (e.g. coconut sugar, Erythritol). They are baking in a shared commercial kitchen, and while they employ every precaution so as to minimize or prevent cross contamination, they cannot guarantee that traces of wheat, peanuts, soy may be present in the products they bake. This also applies to dairy free & vegan baked goods.