Reducing Anxiety During the Holidays by Selena, The Celiac Dietitian

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Food-based anxiety can prevent us from enjoying the holidays. Selena RD, offers us her top 3 coping tips.

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1. Ask in advance, what will be served.

  • Just having an understanding of what will be served will help you gain back a sense of control which can reduce anxiety.
  • Call ahead to the host and ask what will be served.

2. What is causing you the most anxiety?

If you can get specific in your top worries, it can help direct suggestions that can be particularly helpful.

Is it cross contact, making sure all the ingredients are gf, hidden gluten sources that people don’t really know about, not wanting to have the conversation….. etc.

Take a moment and really think about this. Depending on your top worries and the type of holiday event, some helpful strategies may include:

  • Arriving early and helping with food prep
  • Asking for recipes or texting food labels back and forth
  • Hanging out in the kitchen to keep eyes on things
  • Having communication tips to divert celiac talk
  • Recommending safe GF bakeries or your favorite products
  • Telling the host you’re bringing a dish (and bring enough to share!)
  • Sticking with low risk, naturally GF items
  • Communicating cross contact needsEating before you go or hosting at your house

3. My favorite tip. Identify your gluten buddy.

  • This can be the biggest thing that will reduce ‘feeling like a burden’ at events. Sometimes, it can feel like too much when it comes to all the planning and this can cause anxiety. Celiac is a very difficult diagnosis and you’re not meant to go at this alone.
  • Your gluten buddy is someone who is in the trenches of the GF diet and empathizes with the challenges of the GF diet. It could be someone like your partner, a loved one, or a good friend.
  • Once you have your gluten buddy, you can delegate tasks to them (as appropriate) that you identified as being anxiety-provoking for you from tip #2.
  • My gluten buddy is my husband. I regularly ask him to figure out what will be served in advance. He is as knowledgeable as me when it comes to safely cooking GF and he will be my eyes in the kitchen at events so I don’t need to worry about it. These things make navigating social situations much easier for me.

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