El Faro Gluten Free Flour

El Faro Artisan Flour Blend IGEl Faro Gluten Free Flour – Artisan Blend – Hand-crafted in Small Batches in Parksville, Vancouver Island. 

  • “Your flour has given me my life back. I can bake again for the first time in years confidently.”

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From desserts to scones to fish & chips, El Faro’s Flour Blend forms the foundation of all of the baking at El Faro Fusion’s 100% gluten-free restaurant. Now we can enjoy their artisan mix in our own kitchens!

HOURS: Thurs 4-8 • Fri + Sat 12-8 • Sun 12-5

“From hard times come small gifts. In the spring of 2019 we formulated our gluten-free flour and then sidelined the project. During Covid we couldn’t find our favourite gluten-free flour and everything we tried just didn’t measure up to our expectations in creating our favourite baked goods.”

“We pulled out the formula we created and made our favourite scones with it. We nailed it!! The quality, taste and texture were beyond our wildest dreams for anything gluten free. We then shared it with our valued customers and friends for feedback and their overwhelming positive feedback and encouragement led us to you!! We are so excited for you to try our flour for all of your baking adventures!”

“We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your baking adventures with us at elfarofusion@yahoo.com


“Little by little I am working through my favourite cookie recipes now using your flour. Nothing but success! These ones are particularly good, ginger crinkles! They turned out better than ever. With your flour I am actually thoroughly enjoying baking (and eating) my gluten-free treats again!”


“Today I made one of my favourite recipes that I haven’t been able to make for years … Toblerone Shortbread. Oh my goodness, they turned out so well! You’ve restored my faith in baking. Thank you so much!”

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Sorghum Flour, Sweet Rice Flour, Arrowroot Starch and Xanthan Gum.

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El Faro Fusion GF Fish & ChipsEl Faro Fusion 100% Gluten-Free Restaurant in Parksville
“We put love in our food and it comes back to us! If you’re one of life’s adventurers, you will always be welcome at El Faro.”

HOURS: Thurs 4-8 • Fri + Sat 12-8 • Sun 12-5

El Faro Fusion IG ReviewAbout El Faro

“At El Faro, we create 100% gluten-free, oat-free naturally hand-crafted fusion cuisine. We believe that good food heals the body as well as the soul. All our dishes are vibrant, delicious, fresh and fun and made with locally sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients.” Learn more …

  • “We stopped in on Sunday and this place is great. At first we drove right past it, the outside doesn’t jump out at you as a restaurant. Don’t let that fool you, the food was outstanding. To me, the hallmark of a good/great celiac eatery is that as you eat your food, you would never know that everything is gluten free. Four of us weren’t celiac and the meal was delicious. Any time we venture as far north as Nanaimo, we’ll be taking a detour through Parksville to eat here, we barely scratched the surface of the menu.”