Answered! Questions About Dermatitis Herpetiformis

celiac disease dermatitis herpetiformisThe University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center’s ‘Dinner with the Doctor’ series features a presentation on dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) by Dr. Sarah Stein.

Find this informative video recording at You will learn:

❓ What causes DH?
❓ Who gets DH?
❓ How is DH treated?
❓ Related conditions?

Dr Stein goes on to answer the comprehensive list of questions below (watch the video)

  • Is it possible to have DH while following a strict GF diet?
  • Is it necessary to have an endoscopy to diagnose with CD, if DH has been diagnosed?
  • If a celiac experiences itching, could it be DH?
  • How often is DH misdiagnosed as eczema or psoriasis?
  • Does the treatment for eczema or psoriasis help with DH?
  • Can a person with DH also have other skin conditions?
  • Who best should diagnose DH? A dermatologist or a gastroenterologist?
  • When answering medical forms, does a person with DH also say that they have CD?
  • Does every person with DH have CD?
  • Could cosmetics with gluten trigger a DH flare?
  • Has the development of DH been associated with Long Covid?
  • Is there an increased incidence of digestive lymphoma?
  • After years of no outbreaks, can one assume the DH is cured?
  • Once diagnosed with CD, can one go on to develop DH?
  • If DH is suspected, who should a person see?
  • Is a flare always triggered when gluten is consumed?
  • Are there clinical trials currently taking place?
  • What follow up care is needed once diagnosed?
  • Can you ‘grow out’ of DH?
  • If you test negative for DH, but the rash resolves on a GF diet?
  • How long do the antibodies for DH persist in the skin?
  • If a parent has CD & DH, are their children at risk for developing either or both?
  • Is the incidence of DH going up or down?
  • Can DH be misdiagnosed as shingles?
  • Can sunlight aggravate a DH flare up?
  • How quickly after consuming gluten will a DH reaction appear?

Watch the video for answers!

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