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You’ll want to follow Cinde Little’s gift to the gluten-free community! In her blog, she has taken the time to deconstruct gluten-free baking and share her many insights with us.

How to Use a Gluten-Free Flour Mix?

  • You may be using a flour mix as a one-to-one substitute in both old and new recipes. You may even be getting some delicious results and that is awesome. With so many flours available even when you have mastered many recipes you may want to learn how to substitute some flours or incorporate them into recipes you like.
  • The Purpose of Flour
  • Are All Gluten-Free Flour Mixes the Same?
  • Store Bought vs Home-Made Flour Mixes
  • Will My Gluten-Free Flour Mix Work in All Recipes?
  • The New Gluten-Free Baking Basics
  • How to Use a Gluten-Free Flour Mix

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Cinde’s ‘How to Use Gluten-Free Flour’ Series
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Cinde Little writes the Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet food blog and teaches cooking classes in Calgary, Alberta where she lives with her husband. Her son is currently attending the University of Victoria. Cinde became interested in gluten free cooking in 2009 after a friend was diagnosed with celiac disease. As a passionate home cook she encourages everyone to just get in the kitchen and cook. Food restrictions are real and learning to accommodate them is an important skill. Visit www.everydayglutenfreegourmet.ca or follow her on social media:

[email protected]

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