Is Your Grocer Carrying Gluten-Free ‘Bake My Day’ Pastry?

gluten free pastryHave you ever dreamed of devouring Bake My Day’s marvelous gluten-free pastries – HOT – from your OWN oven? Dreams like these are coming true in kitchens across Victoria, British Columbia.

Dale Norton’s famous gluten-free ‘Ready-to-Bake’ products are now available in freezers at The Markets Stores and Red Barn Markets:

Scroll down to explore the possibilities!

Bake My Day invites you to join in a Gluten-Free Grassroots Grocery Movement

Bake My Day Staff

The Bake My Day Family

“We are so grateful and appreciative of all the people who support us but we want to be able to serve you better. If you would like to purchase Bake My Day products from your local grocer in Victoria, across Vancouver Island or on the Gulf Island you live on, Dale asks that you take a moment to contact their Customer Service Department or Store Manager to let them know. You are welcome to offer them our contact information so that we can arrange to deliver some samples. Thank you.” or 250-748-8450

gluten free turnovers

Fruit Turnovers (click for info)

gluten free spanakopita

Spanakopita Pockets (click for info)

gluten free sausage rolls

Sausage Rolls made with Hertel’s Meats (click for info)

gluten free pie crusts

No Sugar Pie Crusts (click for info)

Short Crust Pastry (click for info)

Short Crust Pastry (click for info)

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.07.59 PM

Puff Pastry Sheet 20” x 12” (click for info)

gluten free puff pastry dough

The gluten-free pastry possibilities are endless! These sausage rolls were made by ‘Paula’ using Bake My Day’s Puff Pastry Dough. Bravo!

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