Canadian Down Syndrome Conference Victoria 2019

Canadian Downs Syndrome Conference Victoria

The Canadian Down Syndrome Conference is taking place in Victoria, BC May 10-12, 2019. The conference acts as a platform to share current developments and information from experts in their respective fields, as they relate to Down syndrome.

The conference is best suited for all people with Down syndrome, their families, their friends, and representatives from parallel organizations within the disability community. Other interested groups may include health care professionals and educational professionals.

  • Up to 1 in 14 people with Down syndrome will develop celiac disease so finding safe and delicious gluten-free food will be of interest for attendees of this conference.

Celiac Scene logo IG smallFortunately, the conference is taking place at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel at 100 Harbour Road in Victoria. Their dining facilities enjoy an excellent reputation for serving safe and delicious gluten-free fare!

Conference attendees striking out to explore Victoria’s beautiful downtown and beyond can rest assured that there are many celiac-trusted dining options across the bridge or just steps away from hotel.

From gluten-free burgers to bistros, pizza to pub food, fish and chips to food trucks and everything in between, there is something for everyone!

The Celiac Scene is pleased to guide local and visiting celiacs to restaurants we trust and local gluten-free products we love! We even tell you where to purchase them, at the very best prices. Consider the Celiac Scene your gateway to Gluten-Free Paradise!

For gluten-free dining and shopping near The Delta, visit the links below:

If you plan to explore the sights throughout ‘The Peninsula,’ dine with confidence at these recommended restaurants:

Traveling ‘Up Island?’ You won’t want to miss these gluten-free tourist attractions!

Gluten-Free Events take place all over Victoria and Vancouver Island.  Visit our Events Page to get in on the fun! Click Here for Events!

Canadian Down Syndrome SocietyConference Overview

Information in the fields of education, aging, health care, research, and advocacy will be shared with members of the community in the form of plenary/keynote speakers, panel discussions, and presentations.