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If it’s gluten free and happening in Victoria, Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, you’ll find it listed here! From tastings to contests, farmer’s markets to food trucks – this is your calendar to Gluten-Free Paradise! Join Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies and add a new restaurant – and possibly a new gluten-free friend – to your repertoire!

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Dedicating September 20th to Charity @ Noodlebox Canada
Sep 20 all-day

Noodlebox Canada dedicates September 20th to charity. 50% of the day’s proceeds will be donated.

All locations of Noodlebox Canada will participate in a day of fundraising on Wednesday September 20th, with 50% of the day’s proceeds to be donated to support Canadian charities. While all 12 locations across BC and Alberta wNoodlebox Aill individually choose a charity beneficiary, the majority will donate to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), which Noodlebox has supported since 2014. The charity day is held every September, and over the years has raised over $25,000. Noodlebox aims to surpass last year’s total of nearly $14,000, and customers are encouraged to visit their local store to enjoy a meal while giving back.

“CMHA BC is grateful for the support we have received from Noodlebox over the last four years. The proceeds from this fundraiser have been channelled into community wellness programs that help people build mental health skills and resilience and promote positive mental health,” says Jocelyn de Montmorency, CMHA’s Victoria program manager. “Suicide alertness and prevention training workshops, along with core CMHA BC mental health promotion and recovery-focused programs such as Living Life to The Full, are just a few of the programs and services to have received a boost as a result of Noodlebox’s generous donations.”

Noodle Box Cambodian CurryThe charity program began in 2014 when Jim Hayden, a co-owner of multiple Noodlebox franchise locations in Victoria, BC, held a donation day in support of the CMHA. All Noodlebox locations now devote a day each September in continued support of this and other worthy causes. See SAANICH NEWS, by Jacob Zinn

“At Noodlebox we work hard to be involved in our communities and we feel strongly about supporting local businesses and causes whenever possible,” says Jim. “CMHA is a cause close to my own heart; my own family has been directly affected by the challenges surrounding mental illness, and the charity has been an invaluable resource to us and other families. On September 20th we encourage everyone to visit their local Noodlebox for delicious fresh food, and partial proceeds from your meal will go to support this great cause.” Noodlebox locations in Victoria: Shelbourne • Douglas • Uptown • Langford.

50% of all proceeds from the day’s purchases will be included Noodlebox Canada’s charity day donation, with all menu items included: from the top-selling Spicy Peanut Noodle Box ($10) to the Bombay Mac & Cheese Box, to sides like Crispy Thai Chicken Wings ($7.5 per half pound, $13 per pound) to a selection of local craft beers.


Noodlebox prepares its fresh real food by hand, searing it in woks over its signature flame. Noodles and rice bowls are always highly customizable, with a choice of proteins and spice levels available for most dishes. Many allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated, with delicious and satisfying choices for gluten-free and vegan diets.

All locations are proud to make sustainability a way of life, by supporting ethical producers and using local ingredients whenever possible. This care extends beyond the menu to include serving materials, which can all be composted, recycled, or reused.

Noodlebox began in 2001 as a small food cart in Victoria, BC, and soon expanded to a brick-and-mortar store. The franchise now includes over a dozen locations across BC and Alberta. To learn more about Noodlebox Canada’s menus or hours, and to locate the store nearest you, visit


We’ve been concerned by the rise of the processed food generation and the departure of nutritious food sources. Our kitchens want to reverse that trend.

What we will always do best is prepare real food, by hand – made from fresh ingredients like non-gmo vegetables sourced locally whenever possible. Our special sauces are house made, with no added MSG.

We support sustainable & ethical producers, with farm-to-plate practices that deliver a premium product with trusted transparency.

NoodleBox prides itself on trusted transparency – premium ingredients, ethically raised protein, MSG-free, sustainable practices, farm-to-plate and committed to community.

  • Standard Protocol – every wok is scrubbed by hand, every time.
  • Gluten-Free Protocol – let staff know your dietary preferences or intolerances and the chef’s station will be re-set with fresh utensils, cloths and squeaky-clean hands.

Ask for rice noodles, jasmine rice or go no-carb / high-protein. Add in roasted cashews, crushed peanuts or even a fried free-range egg to gussy up any GF dish! Dial in your spice level and you’re ready to go!  Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

Five Locations on Vancouver Island Douglas Street •  Shelbourne • Uptown • Langford • Port Place in Nanaimo. Scroll down for their locations in Vancouver, BC and Alberta!


Noodle Box Menu A FEB 2017
Noodle Box Menu B FEB 2017

In Victoria • Shelbourne • Douglas • Uptown • Langford •

In Nanaimo • Port Place •

Noodle Box Vancouver Island

In Vancouver • Kitsilano • Homer • Mt Pleasant • Gastown

Noodle Box Vancouver

In Alberta • Calgary • Airdrie • Deerfoot Meadows • Red Deer • Sherwood ParkNoodle Box Alberta

Gluten-Free Foodies Dare to Dine @ Fresh Tandoori Flame Indian Bistro!
Sep 25 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

News of this hot & spicy East Indian Restaurant in Royal Oak spread like a BC wild fire earlier this summer so the Celiac Scene decided to check them out!

Fresh Tandoori Flame Indian Bistro

RSVP to [email protected] or through Gluten-Free Foodies

Their menu covers a huge assortment of appetizers and main dishes with careful GF and DF notations. While wheat flour is used in the kitchen and the deep fryer is shared, chefs and servers are hip to gluten-free. Fresh Tandoori has worked closely with the Celiac Scene and is attuned to our needs.  A member of their immediate family has a life-threatening peanut allergy. Staff will be applying that same cross-contamination protocol to safely prepare our meals.

From their website

“Enter the world of authentic East Indian food. Born of genuine experience and created with care to feed not only your body, but your soul. We know you want to eat healthily and enjoy your food. Our menu is created to cover a broad assortment of appetizers and main dishes to please even the most discriminating palate. From butter chicken to curry goat, to vegetarian and seafood you will find that you want to come back time-after-time to try something new. Most items on our menu are available for takeout.

Our dishes also cater to your ‘palate’s thermometer’ by offering you the choice of mild, medium or hot. And we have kids’ specialties to ensure that everyone in the family can enjoy their dining experience. Whether it’s a buffet lunch, or a tasty dinner, we have you covered.

Our atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly and you will find our pricing very friendly to your wallet also. From our family to yours…enjoy!”

Fresh Tandoori Flame Menu

If you have additional allergies, sensitivities, questions or concerns, please contact Fresh Tandoori directly at 250-360-2100

Gluten-Free Foodies Dare to Dine @ Rawthentic Eatery
Oct 14 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

If you think that raw food is just another dietary restriction that you don’t need – you’d think wrong! Rawthentic Eatery proves that a whole new world awaits those who venture into their vegan, gluten- free and dairy-free restaurants in Victoria or Courtenay.

Fuel up with delicious nutrient-dense juices or smoothies. Enjoy mouth-watering salads, wraps and bowls that leave you healthier than when you came in. Finish off with one of their guilt-free desserts! That what Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies plan to do. Join us for an afternoon of  gourmet ‘living-food’ without compromising on taste or enjoyment.

Rawthentic Eatery Victoria & Courtenay

Rawthentic is dedicated to meeting our allergic, gluten-free and food-intolerant needs. All dried fruit, seeds and nuts are documented to be gluten free. Only gluten-free oat flour is used in baking.

VIEW RAWTHENTIC’S MENU HERE or scroll down. View their complete photo gallery here.

  • ON THE RUN? Choose from a variety of dishes made fresh daily ready to go to make your trip into Rawthentic faster. REAL! FOOD! FAST!

Shop Online in VictoriaInstagram •  Facebook • Website

Visit Rawthentic in Courtenay • Shop Online in Courtenay

Rawthentic’s Back Story

“Since 2010 Rawthentic Eatery has been offering Vancouver Island an opportunity to experience true health by serving vegan food that is affordable, accessible and enjoyable. We believe if you implement a nutritious, sustainable, gourmet ‘living food’ lifestyle you never have to compromise on taste or enjoyment. From smoothies with super foods and super herbs, freshly made dishes and raw desserts, our meals are always nurturing and loving to your body, soul and of course your taste-buds!”

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Rawthentic Facts

Rawthentic Smoothie Boosters

  • Everything is made fresh in house with real food … no fillers, preservatives or refined food.
  • Sauces are made fresh every day using nuts, seeds, cold pressed olive oil and hemp as their base.
  • Wraps are made in-house, dehydrated at 115˚ to keep enzymes alive and made with only ground flax and vegetables.
  • Rawthentic’s  almond mylk is made fresh every day.
  • Most of the to-go containers, straws, cutlery are made with corn so they are biodegradable.
  • Apple juice is cold pressed and unpasteurized – in other words, juiced right off the tree.
  • Rawthentic smoothie boosters are real, unprocessed super foods: chia (perfect anti-oxidant and intestinal cleanser), hemp hearts (big protein boost), goji (anti-oxidant and high in protein), acai (high anti-oxidant and energy boost), maca (energy boost)

Rawthentic Catering

Rawthentic caters …. click to learn more

Rawthentic Caters

  •  Count on Rawthentic’s raw food catering service for your important occasion – social or business – for up to 200 guests for weddings, birthdays, dinner parties and corporate events. See what our inspiring, healthy, eye-catching raw food can bring to your event from wedding and birthday cakes or any other raw delight that you can think of!  Get in touch with their knowledgeable raw food experts. Learn more …

About the Owner

  • Not only is Bill Hadikin the owner of Rawthentic – he’s their best customer. He has been enjoying vegan raw food since 2004 when he went through a personal journey discovering health in his life. He lost over 50lbs of weight in the process while feeling amazing. “Don’t just eat it ‘cause it tastes good … learn why it is good for you at the same time.” Learn more …

Rawthentic Smoothies

Rawthentic Smoothies

    • Coconut Water, Acai, Goji, Chia, Dates, Spinach, Blueberries, Lemon
    • Apple Juice, Hemp, Dates, Banana, Vanilla, Sour Cherry, Raspberries
  • KALE’licious
    • Apple Juice, Dates, Pear, Kale, Ginger,Raspberry
    • Coconut Water, Spirulina, Chia, Hemp, Dates, Spinach, Blueberries
    • Carrot Juice Blackberry, Hemp, Vanilla, Dates, Banana
    • Apple Juice, Dates, Banana, Mango, Spinach, Lime, Ginger

Rawthentic Juices

Rawthentic Juices

    • Beets, Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Lemon
  • “C” PLUS
    • Orange, Lemon, Apple, Ginger, Turmeric
    • Kale, Cukes, Celery, Ginger, Apple, Lemon

Rawthentic Juices 2

    • Apple, Pear, Lemon, Ginger
    • Apple, Carrot, Wheatgrass
    • Add Kambucha to any juice for free!

Rawthentic Salads

Rawthentic Salads 2

    • Quinoa, spinach, tomatoes, Kalamata olives beets, peppers, balsamic vinaigrette
    • Romaine, Chic`un` patty, caezar dressing, brazil nut parm and garlic bread
    • Spring Mix, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, sprouts, hemp, Balsamic dressing
    • Zucchini and kelp noodles, almonds, greens cashews, peppers, almond Thai dressing
    • Romaine, mixed hemp dressing, tomato, pepper, falafel, nacho nut cheese, olives
    • Base, 3 toppings and dressing of choice

Rawthentic Wraps
Rawthentic Wraps

    • Falafel, beet, carrot, sprout, spring mix, cashew hummus, mixed dressing
    • Creamy cashew dill dressing, cucumbers, tomato, sprout, spring mix, avocado, salt, pepper, cayenne
    • Romaine, Chipotle veggies, peppers, brown basmati rice tomato, and pumpkin taco meat spread
    • Pesto, sundried tomato, chic’un’ patty, cucumbers, spring mix, Caesar dressing
    • Wrap, Tzatziki, quinoa, falafel, tomato, spinach, olives, cucumbers, peppers
    • Creamy dill, brown basmati rice, falafel ball, spinach, marinated veggies, curry sauce, tomatoes

Rawthentic Bowls
Rawthentic Bowls 2

    • Basmati, spring mix, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, sprouts, sesame dressing
    • Basmati rice, spring mix, curry veggies, tomatoes, carrots, curry sauce, Creamy Dill Kale chip crumble
    • Spring Mix, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, sprouts, hemp, Balsamic dressing
    • Basmati rice, Chic’un patty, spring mix, teriyaki veggies, teriyaki dressing, carrots, red peppers, sesame seeds
    • Basmati rice, romaine, chipotle veggies, Chipotle sauce, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, kale chip crumble
    • Zucchini noodles, walnut meatballs, tomatoes walnut pesto, spinach, brazil nut parm, chives

Rawthentic Desserts! Let the pictures speak for themselves! 

Rawthentic Desserts


Gluten-Free Tastings at Lifestyle Markets Victoria

New to the gluten-free diet? Wish you could try before you buy pricey gluten-free food? Drop in between 12 and 2pm every second and fourth Saturday of every month and learn to love the gluten-free diet! Food, fun and information with Celiac Disease Expert, Ellen Bayens. Embrace the good life in gluten-free paradise! Check the Tasting Schedule here!