Harvest Road – Newest Addition to Celiac Scene Safe Fries List

Few things get celiacs more excited than 100% gluten-free french fries!

Thanks to a tip from Shelley, The Celiac Scene is pleased to report that Harvest Road Farm to Table has made it onto that most exclusive of  directories:

The Celiac Scene Safe Fries List!

Harvest Road Kennebec

Tucked in behind Michell’s Farm on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island, Harvest Road’s brightly-coloured food truck cooks up the freshest fries that Vancouver Island has to offer. Staff commits that nothing but fresh potatoes are ever cooked in their non-stop, deep fryer.

Located at 2451 Island View Road, on the popular Lochside Trail that links Sidney to Victoria, Harvest Road has become a cycling destination in its own right! Seniors out for a drive, families with children, couples in love line up to order from Harvest Road’s comprehensive menu.

Pull up to a picnic table and enjoy your fries or freshly-chosen corn, bathed in butter. While Harvest Road offers gluten-free buns, the kitchen is eensy-weensy with no dedicated area for gluten-free preparations. Celiacs should appreciate that sandwich toppings are sure to be cross-contaminated.

All the more reason to order fries with your fries! 

Harvest Road Farm to Table Grill – 2451 Island View Road immediately east of Michell’s Farm Market
Open 11-2 Mon, 9-4 Tues-Fri, 9-5 Sat-Sun • Facebook  • Instagram

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