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Victoria! Would You Love a 100% Gluten-Free Crepe Truck?

Summer festival season has begun!  That means plenty of opportunities to try new food in fun al fresco settings, right? Not so for celiacs! That is what Royal Roads University Commerce student, Celeste Hilton suspects. In fact, her curiosity has prompted her to develop a survey to research food options and dietary constraints (primarily focusing on celiac) at Read More

Celiac Scene June 2017 E-News WP

The Celiac Scene E-News | June 2017

parent child celiac disease

Having a Child with Celiac Disease Can Be Difficult for Parents

As parents, we don’t want our children to have a disease … we feel our children’s pain, we want everything to be perfect for them, we fear for their wellbeing. Our celiac kids can sense when their parents are upset about their disease, and they feel bad about it.

Glutenull Gluten-Free Bakery Eco Trends

Getting to Know Glutenull Gluten-Free Bakery

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How to Find Gratitude in Difficult Celiac Situations

It’s easy to see what not to like about being a celiac – I don’t like packing all my own food in case the available food is cross-contaminated, I don’t like eating a can of cold soup while everyone else is lining up for a buffet that I paid for too, I don’t like going Read More

Wheel of Self Care Celiac Disease

Self-Care for Celiacs: It’s not Selfish – It’s Necessary

Imagine yourself as a wheel, rolling along through life. Now that you’re in Celiac Territory, you will encounter all kinds of hazards that can give you a flat!

Selena De Vries Supplements WP

Ask the Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

I’m a celiac – should I be taking supplements?