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Wheel of Self Care Celiac Disease

Self-Care for Celiacs: It’s not Selfish – It’s Necessary

Imagine yourself as a wheel, rolling along through life. Now that you’re in Celiac Territory, you will encounter all kinds of hazards that can give you a flat!

Selena De Vries Supplements WP

Ask the Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

I’m a celiac – should I be taking supplements? 

Chef Pola WP

Introducing Chef Pola Culinary

Sherry Scheideman, RCC WP

Simple Tricks to Help Us Cope with Celiac Disease

It’s natural to experience anger, resentment, sadness, desperation, frustration, fear and exasperation as we adjust to to the gluten-free diet.

celiac pro active WP

The Celiac Scene E-News | May 2017